Beasley Media Group Launches FOX Sports New Jersey



Beasley Media Group Launches FOX Sports New Jersey

Beasley Media Group Announces 1450 WCTC-AM & WCTC-X1 W228DY 93.5 officially launched FOX Sports New Jersey. The new format came into effect at midnight on Sunday, September 26. The station will broadcast all FOX Sports Radio programming, with the exception of a few hours on weekends, when it will present local programming. During the respective seasons, FOX Sports New Jersey will continue to broadcast Rutgers football and basketball games as well as Somerset Patriots baseball games.

“1450 WCTC has been a heritage radio station serving central New Jersey for 75 years,” said Dan Finn, senior vice president and regional market manager for Beasley Media Group. “In 1947 WCTC started broadcasting Rutgers Football and this has continued to this day. Additionally, 21 years ago we started broadcasting the Somerset Patriots baseball franchise which is now an affiliate of AA New York Yankees. It really made sense to devote the rest of our programming to sports and FOX Sports Radio is the best sports programming on the market. In addition, 1450 WCTC has just started broadcasting on 93.5 FM simultaneously, expanding our coverage area. cover. This is a very exciting time for WCTC, especially during our 75th anniversary. ”

“For decades some of the most popular content on WCTC has been local sports programming and we are now thrilled to provide our audiences with the best sports content possible 24/7,” said Justin Chase, Director content from Beasley Media Group. “FOX Sports has an amazing team of hosts like Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Doug Gottlieb and more and we know New Jersey sports fans will appreciate them as much as we do.”

“The opportunity to partner with a historic station in a region full of sports enthusiasts excites us immensely,” said Don Martin, senior vice president of sports programming for Premiere Networks and Scott Shapiro, vice president of programming sportswoman from FOX Sports Radio in a statement. “It is an honor to join the WCTC on its 75th anniversary!”

All current full-time WCTC employees will remain with the station.


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