Bradley Bozeman doesn’t seem worried about the impact of the New Jersey rule on the game


The Baltimore Ravens saw a few of their players change jersey numbers under new rules the NFL put in place to ease restrictions on what many position groups could wear. Patrick Queen, LJ Fort and Marquise Brown have all changed their numbers and will wear unique numbers on the court.

When asked if defensive players wearing single-digit uniforms could be a challenge, center Bradley Bozeman said it comes down to a cinematic study.

“It’s just a film study. You have to know your guys; you have to know who you are against. This is the most important thing. I understand that point, but at the end of the day you have to study your people, you have to know who’s in the box, you have to know who you are the most dangerous guys have to be careful of – and that’s kinda that simple.

Bozeman will transition from left-back to center, a position he held at university. While it may be a bit more difficult in the first few weeks of the season to recognize players with their new numbers, as more movies are released it should get easier. As Bozeman says, as long as players study their opponents and jump into a game knowing where the players line up, the rules for the new NFL jersey shouldn’t cause too much confusion.

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