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DAVE KENNEDY / Sun-Gazette Jersey Shore’s Brady Jordan against Meadville in Saturday’s PIAA Class AAAA Quarter-Final game.

Tanner Lorson won the AAAA Class Player of the Year award two years ago. Brandon Wheary passed 2,000 yards and was an All-State selection last season.

So one would imagine that incoming Jersey Shore return Brady Jordan might have felt some pressure at the start of the 2021 season. Then again, Johnny Unitas once said that pressure is only felt when it isn’t. don’t know what he’s doing.

Jordan knows what he’s doing on the soccer field. And he knows it because he took the time.

Like Wheary a year ago, Jordan wasn’t assured of the starting position, so he earned it the old-fashioned way. He also settled in and threw for 180 yards and two touchdowns last Saturday, helping Jersey Shore defeat Meadville, 30-6 in the State Quarterfinals.

He’s not Lorson and he’s not Wheary. Jordan is himself and that’s what Jersey Shore loves the most. He’s also pretty good, going over 1,000 passing yards and rushing this season while helping the Bulldogs (14-0) enter Friday’s semifinals against undefeated Aliquippa.

“Brady did a great job. He and I got together all summer and worked together and it’s paying off ”, wide receiver Cayden Hess said after catching Jordan’s 56-yard touchdown in the second quarter. “He gets the ball out well. “

Jordan gave the offense against Meadville a jolt when he hit Hess in stride for that touchdown that put Jersey Shore ahead, 14-6. A series later, he delivered again, finding Kooper Peacock for a 59-yard touchdown and at halftime, Jersey Shore led, 24-6. Jordan also ran 43 yards, hitting 1,000 this season.

Peacock forced a fumble that Tate Sechrist returned for 75 yards for the game’s first touchdown. The offensive, however, had stalled after a good start. Jordan changed everything on the touchdown for Hess. It was a piece that revealed Jordan’s maturity and ability.

On a second and 8, Jordan rolled over and pulled off a perfectly placed pass as Hess gained a step on his defender. Hess caught the pass in stride and walked the rest of the way without touching it as the complexion of the game began to change.

“It was huge. It gave us the momentum to keep scoring. Jordan said. “I trust him to make games so I threw it on him and he made a great game.”

“He had it exactly where it needed to be. He put it in a place where only I can catch it ”, Hess said. “It was a good ball.”

Jordan has played the quarterback most of his life, but Jersey Shore used him primarily as a running back a year ago when he reached the state final. Jordan delivered, ran for 326 yards and eight touchdowns. His experience in both positions has now helped him emerge as an excellent double threat who totaled 2,897 yards and 31 touchdowns. The junior threw for 1,897 yards while running for 1,000 and somehow scoring in all but one game.

In addition to becoming a strong quarterback, Jordan also became a skilled leader, effectively executing the Jersey Shore’s no-caucus offense.

“He had a few key runs at key times (Saturday)”, said Gravish. “With some of those practices at the end, he was maintaining a good position on the pitch for us.”

Oh yeah, Jordan is a really good security too.

Starting there for the first time, Jordan filled a big void in high school and clocked a career-high 14 tackles against Meadville. He also made a pass in the dying seconds of the first half that Hess intercepted. Jordan hit Peacock with a 27-yard pass in the last second and Breck Miller kicked a 29-yard field goal at the end of the time limit, making it 24-6.

Jordan assists the secondary quarterback and is second on the team with five interceptions, returning one-for-one touchdown in a 41-0 District Championship win over Selinsgrove. He made 67 tackles and made big plays at the right times, intercepting two assists in a 27-20 overtime win over Montoursville. When called, Jordan also returned kicks and punts. His skill and drive make Jordan a perfect fit anywhere on the court.

“There aren’t a lot of quarterbacks that are good tacking security like him and he returns kicks and punts and even covered kicks because he’s a sure tackle before we go. took it out of that. “ said Gravish. “Brady plays everything. “

And he plays everything very well.

COMING SOON: Canton quarterback Cooper Kitchen hasn’t had a chance to pitch as often as Jordan. Really, Kitchen rarely had to do this since Canton often overwhelmed his opponents throughout the season with his running game. But when the pressure was highest on Saturday against undefeated Old Forge, Kitchen channeled his inside Tom Brady and helped Canton secure one of the most exciting wins in program history.

Kitchen threw for nearly all of his 111 yards in the final eight minutes of regulation, helping Canton turn a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter into a spectacular 20-14 overtime win in the class quarterfinals. A in Danville. Kitchen’s performance was crucial as Canton (13-0) secured a berth in the state semi-final on Friday against Bishop Guilfoyle.

“He played a very good match” Canton coach Tyler Sechrist said. “He made some really good shots. “

Kitchen only attempted 50 passes going into the Old Forge game, so the Blue Devils might have felt especially when they had pinned Canton in their own 30s around the eight-minute mark in the fourth quarter with a lead of 14 points. But this was never a case where Kitchen couldn’t pitch. He demonstrated that ability last year, throwing 10 touchdowns in a condensed five-game season and showed his arm here, first hitting Hayden Ward for a 71-yard game.

Canton faced a fourth and a goal of 12 and that’s when Kitchen made the shot of his life, dropping a perfectly pitched pass to Parker on a fade road. There was no defense for a pitch like this and Canton was back in the game. Less than two minutes later, it was tied and Hayden Ward’s 8-yard touchdown in overtime won.

Kitchen faced reigning State Champion Steel-High in the States’ first round, hitting Weston Bellows with a deep ball in stride on what became an 89-yard score. Kitchen ran for 514 yards and 13 touchdowns, but he’s proving just as dangerous with his arm and what had been a well-kept secret that had 18 touchdown passes in the past two seasons is becoming a weapon. at the perfect time.

“Old Forge are a very good team and we had things we had in our back pocket earlier this season that we were able to use. “ said Sechrist. “We said it was time to use it this week and it worked. It was huge.

NON-SENSE: Pretty much since the start of state football tournaments, the PIAA has used an illogical system in which any team that is at the top of a bracket in a game receives a game in their district. They have become neutral venues in all other sports, but football has always been different. And it never made sense. Why can’t you put matches between two champions at the halfway point?

This system is bad enough, but now the PIAA has taken it a step further and started giving home state playoffs to some teams. It’s absolutely absurd and it happens again on Friday when Canton faces Guilfoyle at his Mansion Park pitch in Altoona. A confrontation in Final 4 and a team receives a home game? It is more than illogical and quite simply unfair.

This has also happened on several occasions in the quarterfinals and semifinals of Class AAA, Central also has to face reigning state champion Central Valley on his home turf. Jersey Shore also faced Allentown Central Catholic on home turf in the first round.

Last year the PIAA had no choice but to have teams that run state tournaments due to COVID and neutral venues not wanting to host matches, but this year it didn’t. is not the case. Is it difficult to find a central location or close to the center to host matches featuring two champions? The players are grateful for the opportunity and Canton will agree to travel to Mansion Park as his only goal is to try and reach the state championship. But that doesn’t do what the PIAA did to it and so many others, does it, just as it wasn’t fair that Steel-High had to go to Towanda to face Canton in the first round and all. those other teams who had to play on or near another team’s courts.

What really hurts is the fans who have to travel so far. This prevents many who would go to attend the game. A team has an inherent advantage in terms of fan support and at this point in the game that is beyond ridiculous. This has been a problem for years and is in desperate need of fixing.

MILESTONES: Jersey Shore and Canton have each achieved a rare air, not only this season, but in the history books. Jersey Shore tied the region’s record for single-season wins on Saturday, joining Montoursville 1989 and 1993 and 97 South Williamsport. Canton broke the NTL record for victories in one season, winning their 13th competition.

Miller had already broken single-season zone records for field goals and points earlier this season and the junior kicker continues to add to his remarkable first season. Miller became the first zone kicker to reach 100 points in a season when he called Sechrist’s touchdown with an extra point. He added two more points, his 14th field goal and now has 105 points.

Linebacker Haydn Packer and defensive end Connor Davis have joined Karter Peacock in the 100 tackle club this season. Packer made 15 saves, including 10 solos. He also ran for his 20th touchdown. Davis produced 12 tackles and became the first zone lineman this season to reach 100 tackles.

HAPPY ALL STARS: The Sun-Gazette area all-star football team will be participating in the Christmas edition. With two state semi-finalists and a record number of teams that have finished above .500 this season among the 17 teams in the coverage area, the committee faces some very tough choices. The second team alone will be a whole unit.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK – Karter Peacock, Jersey Shore and Hayden Ward, Canton: Peacock continues to excel in his new role after playing the previous three years on the line. The senior linebacker was a force against Meadville, making 18 tackles and adding a sack. Peacock has 33 tackles in two state tournament games and Meadville couldn’t escape him all afternoon. Ward also produced a spectacular performance and the junior linebacker was the Canton Swiss Army Knife. Ward made 14 tackles including 11 solos, intercepted a pass, added a sack and blocked a punt to establish the tying touchdown. Ward also produced 112 yards of offense and his winning 8-yard touchdown run should be near the peak of any flagship movie of Canton’s season.

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