Sport marketing – Texans Football Prostore Wed, 13 Oct 2021 05:13:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sport marketing – Texans Football Prostore 32 32 Is Getting A Car Title Loan A Good Idea? (2021) Wed, 13 Oct 2021 04:09:00 +0000 Short-term loans for small sums of money are available through car title loans. When you apply for an auto title loan, you must give the lender the title to your vehicle. High interest rates and costs are common with auto title loans, making them difficult to repay. This article will explain how auto title loans […]]]>

Short-term loans for small sums of money are available through car title loans. When you apply for an auto title loan, you must give the lender the title to your vehicle. High interest rates and costs are common with auto title loans, making them difficult to repay.

This article will explain how auto title loans work and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of taking one out. Our research team searched the industry for the best auto loan firms to assist consumers make informed finance selections.

What are car title loans and how do they work?

Auto title loans, unlike payday loans, which have a similar goal, function by using your vehicle as collateral. These secured loans are typically for small sums of money and must be returned within a short period of time.

According to Pew Charitable Trusts, the average loan amount is $1,000. Because these are short-term loans with periods ranging from 15 to 30 days, borrowers must normally pay the entire debt at once.

You may consider GreenDayOnline car title loans as a quick option to borrow cash even if you have bad credit.

The procedure for obtaining an auto title loan is pretty simple:

To begin, you must fill out an application. You then present the lender the automobile, title, and a copy of your photo ID. It’s possible that you’ll be requested for a duplicate car key. The car title lender swaps the money and keeps the vehicle title if the loan is granted. You pay the lender a monthly fee in addition to the amount borrowed when you repay the loan.

The monthly fees for a vehicle title loan are usually quite expensive. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average cost is 25%, which equates to a 300 percent annual percentage rate (APR). It can be expensive.

Let’s say you take out a $500 auto title loan with a 25% financing rate. 25% of $500 is equal to $ 125, which is added to the total amount owed. As a result, you will owe $ 625 at the time of repayment.

Make an application for a car title loan. Auto title loans are available both online and in person. The auto title loan application process does not include a credit check. This is because if you don’t pay your loan, your vehicle will be repossessed by the lender.

Most lenders will require a clear title in order to qualify you for a car title loan. This indicates that you have made a payment on the automobile. Some lenders, on the other hand, may only want you to show that you own the vehicle.

Why are auto title loans so dangerous?

You risk losing your automobile and becoming trapped in a debt cycle if you take out an auto title loan. The lender may allow you to undertake a “renewal” if you are unable to repay the loan. A rollover occurs when a lender enables you to keep the loan funds for another 30 days while also requiring you to pay additional monthly costs.

The occurrence of reversals is fairly prevalent. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) conducted a survey of individuals who had taken out auto title loans in the previous six months in June 2019. He discovered that 83 percent of those polled owed money on their loans.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, around 20% of borrowers face repossession if their loans are not paid in full. According to Forbes, auto title lenders make the majority of their money by allowing clients to refinance current loans. This cycle of modest loans becoming long-term debt also assures the survival of the business.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a car title loan?

If you’re thinking about getting an auto title loan to cover unexpected needs, weigh the benefits and drawbacks:

Advantages of a car title loan:

  • Car title loan disadvantages
  • For borrowers with bad credit, no credit check implies approval.
  • Payments made on a monthly basis might quickly accumulate into long-term debt.
  • You have instant cash available to you.
  • It’s possible that your vehicle will be repossessed.
  • Your credit score is unaffected by late payments.
  • When compared to alternative possibilities, interest rates are expensive.

Because most lenders do not conduct credit checks, auto title loans can be appealing to consumers with bad credit. Plus, if you’re late on a payment, it won’t damage your credit score. However, the convenience of acquiring cash quickly with an auto title loan rarely outweighs the high interest rates and risk of losing a valuable item.

Alternatives to title loans for cars

Because the data on auto title loans isn’t great, it’s usually a better financial option to take another method. Here are some other ways to display your vehicle’s title:

Payday advance: If your employer is in good standing, you may be able to get a portion of your salary sooner.
Friends and family: If you want to avoid going to a bank, talk to your friends and family to see if you can work out a loan with a payment plan with them.

Visa or MasterCard: Credit cards have defined limits, and if you do not pay your debt by the end of the payment cycle, you will be charged interest. Credit cards, on the other hand, have lower interest rates than title loans.

Personal loans: These installment loans are available through banks, credit unions, and online lenders and can be utilized for nearly any financial necessity. They usually have one to five-year repayment durations and have lower interest rates than auto title loans.
Best auto loan recommendations

It’s critical to examine choices when financing a car or using one as collateral to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Always study the terms of any loan and look for any potential penalties. You can also take advantage of numerous financial institutions’ online prequalification services.

Frequently asked questions about car title loans

What kind of car title loan am I eligible for?

The average auto title loan, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is roughly $1,000. The typical loan limit is between between 25% and 50% of the car’s value.

Is getting a car title loan simple?

Obtaining a car title loan is rather simple. The borrower completes an application and allows the lender to examine the car and its title. The borrower returns the title in exchange for a loan if the ownership of the car is clear and the lender approves the application.

What is the procedure for obtaining a car title loan?

Small, short-term loans with high interest rates are known as auto title loans. A lender holds the title to your vehicle as security for a car title loan. The lender has the power to repossess your vehicle if you do not repay the loan.

Is security lending harmful to your credit?

A credit check is not required for the majority of auto title loans. This means that a lender is unlikely to disclose the payments to the credit bureaus because the debt can be settled by repossessing the vehicle.

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Online Instant Loans with Same Day Approval – The Better Alternative To Payday Loans Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:10:24 +0000 There are plenty of reasons someone might need a same-day loan. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in need of money in a hurry. If that sounds like you, then a same-day loan with a guaranteed no credit check could be the answer to your problems. Online same-day loans are becoming one of the most popular financial […]]]>

There are plenty of reasons someone might need a same-day loan. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in need of money in a hurry. If that sounds like you, then a same-day loan with a guaranteed no credit check could be the answer to your problems.

Online same-day loans are becoming one of the most popular financial instruments around. However, they are still a major financial risk for both the borrower and the lender. Lenders carry a major risk because they offer these loans without credit checks and deliver the money as quickly as possible. It’s because of this severe risk that there are so few choices out there for same-day lenders. With that said, it’s still possible to find one.

The process to find and get an online same day loan couldn’t be simpler. However, you must meet some criteria in most cases otherwise your application could be rejected. Some lenders won’t approve you for a loan unless you meet all the criteria. This is especially true with same day loans. You might be stuck waiting until the next day if things don’t go perfectly.

There’s an obvious catch to same day loans – some of them are expensive. You should ensure you can comfortably repay the loan in due time before taking it out. You should understand the full cost of the loan before applying.

One of the best things about same-day loans is that they don’t take your credit report into account. If you don’t have the best credit record, then don’t worry. A no credit check loan like this gives you some room to still get approval.

No more will you need to submit a credit check just to get a loan. If you have a less than stellar credit score and haven’t had any luck qualifying for a standard loan, then these no credit check same-day loans could be your solution.

Best Instant Loans Online with No Credit Check & Same Day Approval

We’ve put together a list of the best same-day lenders that connect you to lenders in the field. These lenders may check your credit rating a little, but the results shouldn’t affect your ability to qualify for one of their loans.

In other words, the algorithm immediately sends your request to lenders after you make it. If your request is accepted, you’ll receive some loan offers within a few minutes of making the request.

Whether or not you qualify for a loan depends on the lender. Some lenders require a little credit check before applying for loans. However, your credit score shouldn’t affect your chances of success.

You’ll likely find several lenders ready to approve your loan and give you a chance with their money. Some lenders might even approve the loan without even looking at your latest credit statement to see how you are doing financially.

We’ve organized a list of what we consider to be the best same-day loans. These loans are all trusted and efficient. Whether you’re looking for a small or big loan, you should find what you need with one of our listed lenders. Some of these lenders even offer extra benefits, such as applying for competitive rates, low margin fees, and the ability to choose a co-signer.

  1. MoneyMutual : Best Alternative to Payday Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans: Best Site to Get Your Bad Credit Score Up
  3. CashUSA: Guaranteed Approval on Same Day Loans
  4. Quick Cash on Personal Loans
  5. Lenders Provider for Credit Loans Approval

#1. MoneyMutual: Best Alternative to Payday Loans

MoneyMutual is your mutual friend for overcoming financial difficulties. This is a virtual finance option for money lenders. Statistics show that roughly one-quarter of Americans are unable to scrape together $400 for an emergency. In such a bleak financial atmosphere, MoneyMutual is there to help with minimal requirements.

The platform connects users to credible lenders so you can get money quickly. You’ll need to fill in a form on the website to get started but that’s about it. The form takes no more than five minutes to file too.

Once you submit the form, the website connects you to lenders that can meet your financial needs. All it takes is a few minutes and a few decisions for you to get a same-day loan with money in your account in under 24 hours.

MoneyMutual is one of the most trusted online lenders around. Over two million people have found success with the platform, with many of them leaving glowing testimonies. You can get a short-term loan worth up to $5000 in less than 24 hours no matter your credit rating.

Please note that the website only accepts applications from people over 18 years old and with an active bank account. You’ll have to provide evidence of your employment status and be making less than $800 per month to qualify.


  • Online lending space for credible lenders to gather
  • Instant loans worth up to $5,000
  • Apply in five minutes or less
  • Loans delivered in under 24 hours
  • Tried and tested by over two million customers


  • Not available to people in Connecticut and New York

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans : Best Site to Get Your Bad Credit Score Up


Bad Credit Loans is there for the times when your credit statement is nothing special. This service still finds loans you can qualify for no matter what. The name of this website tells you everything you need to know – it’s a website where you can find a loan even with bad credit. Even people who recently declared bankruptcy can find loans here.

One of the best things about Bad Credit Loans is that, despite all the incredible features and functionality, it’s totally free. The website even has a “How it Works” page that explains how to take advantage of the financial assistance available from lenders. The process from filing a request to getting funding takes less than five minutes.

Firstly, you’ll need to fill in a form like you would with any other service. The information on the form is distributed to potential money lenders, should you give permission for the information to be shared. Lenders interested in offering you a loan indicate their interest. From there, you choose which one to go with. We recommend learning everything you can about a loan offer before applying.

If you can’t find a loan with Bad Credit Loans for whatever reason, the website does detail other resources you can use. They can connect you with offers to repair bad credit, debt relief, and other similar circumstances. You aren’t required to accept these offers for support either.


  • Provides loans worth up to $10,000
  • Has been helping people with bad credit since 1998
  • Connects users to credible lenders
  • The form is easy to fill in and get instant responses
  • Money in your account within 24 hours


  • The application asks for a lot of personal information

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. Guaranteed Approval on Same Day Loans

image2 is one of the better names in online money lenders. Customers at this reputable service don’t have to pay fees to file a loan request. That anyone can get a personal loan through CashUSA is one of its best features.

What are personal loans? A personal loan is a loan that provides customers with the chance to pay it back in installments. This means you can repay your loan over time instead of paying back one giant lump sum. This flexibility means even those in tough financial situations can borrow and repay the money.

You must be at least 18 years old to qualify for a personal loan. You also need to be a legal resident or citizen of the United States and have at least $1,000 income after deductibles to qualify. You’ll also need to provide your home address and email address before accessing a personal loan.

If you make an offer through you’ll have the option to re-evaluate the terms and conditions of the loan before accepting it. You should always re-evaluate a loan before applying to ensure you can stick to the terms and conditions. Repaying loans should be as easy as applying for them.

In most cases, the lender will take some money from your account each month to pay the loan until the loan term runs out. However, if there is no money in your account when the payment is due, talk to the lender and request an extension. Some lenders are willing to offer extensions to protect your credit rating.


  • Apply for loans up to $10,000
  • Receive your loan within one business day
  • Get approved within minutes
  • Connects users to the best money lenders


  • You need to have a consistent source of income and be making over $1,000 per month

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. Quick Cash on Personal Loans

image5 is the place to be if you are at all worried about the safety of your financial information. The website uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect customer and lender privacy. This virtual lending space connects borrowers to the best lenders so it’s easy to find and obtain a loan when you need one.

The first thing to do is fill in the form. This form is simple and straightforward so you shouldn’t have any problems. The information on the form is sent to different lenders who check it to see if you qualify for a loan.

The lenders send offers to customers within minutes. If you accept an offer, the money should be in your account within 24 hours.

Using is free for customers but you’ll have to be over 18. You’ll also need a valid social security number and credit account to get started.

Other requirements include that you can’t have recently declared bankruptcy and your accounts shouldn’t be over 60 days late. There should also be no recent debts that can’t be covered by your current income. will check to ensure you aren’t a habitual late payer and have no new charged-off accounts before letting you apply.


  • Instant loans of between $500 and $35,000
  • Accessible to all states
  • Quick loan approval and funds disbursement
  • Can apply for a loan for different reasons
  • No credit check on the loans


  • Has some restrictive eligibility requirements

=> Click here to visit the official website of

#5. Lenders Provider for Credit Loans Approval


Everyone finds themselves needing financial support at some point. Financial dilemmas are practically inevitable. These problems are much worse when you can’t find a way out because of a bad credit score.

If your credit score is lower than desired, getting a conventional loan isn’t always easy. It’s often impossible. What you need is another way to get finance. A way like This platform caters specifically to people with poor credit ratings who need loans quickly.

Having a bad credit score doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. You can still qualify for a bad credit loan. These loans can even improve your credit score, so you’ll have an easier time if something goes wrong again.

So long as you keep making monthly payments, a bad credit loan is a great way to boost your credit rating. It positively affects your payment history, which is a key factor in credit scores. It also makes your credit history look better, which also improves your score.

With that said, the platform promotes effortless loans for customers. The website is totally safe, and you can complete the whole process of making a request to receiving your money within one business day.


  • Instant access to loans between $250 and $5,000
  • Obtain a loan without a credit check
  • Connect to credible money lenders
  • The online form is easy to fill in
  • Get a loan within 24 hours


  • Must have a bank account to get a loan

=> Click here to visit the official website of

Can I Find Same Day Loans Online?

There was a time not that long ago when it was impossible to find a good no-credit-check loan online. Financial establishments take every step to minimize risk to them, including lending money. Banks scrutinize every facet of your credit account before giving you money. They look through the credit history of anyone applying for a loan to determine if they have a good credit score or not. However, as more online institutions started to lend money, online no-credit-check loans became more and more popular.

Most platforms in this space connect to other lenders that are willing to offer loans to people without running a credit check. They may check some of your credit histories, but your application is sent to so many lenders that this doesn’t impact your chances of finding someone who will lend you money.

Obtaining a loan online is a simple process. It all begins with filing a form. The form is sent to different lenders connected to the platform using automated software. A few minutes is all it takes to find lenders willing to give you a loan offer. All you must do is go through each offer carefully and ensure you can pay back the loan on time.

Once you find a loan offer you deem suitable, the platform takes you to the lender’s website. From there, you’ll need to file some extra documents to complete the application and agree to the loan. This is when the lender will run a credit check, if applicable. This process is automatic so they can do it whenever they need to.

After completing your application, it is reviewed during business hours. When the review is complete, the platform starts the transfer process to put the money in your account. The entire process takes less than 24 hours.

Online lending platforms can improve the visibility of your business by promoting competition between lenders. When several lenders all competing for your attention, they can offer fairer interest rates to tempt you to join them.

Lenders might also offer friendlier loan conditions including four weekly payments. The competition between lenders also makes them more willing to offer you a loan without looking at your credit score. Even if the lender requests a credit check, you’ll still more than likely get your promised money.

Another advantage to using online platforms is getting access to personal loans. Personal loans are more favorable for borrowers because you can use the money however you want. This is different from specific loans such as car loans and mortgages.

Personal loans are also called signature loans. These loans are usually paid in installments, giving you more flexibility, but most no-credit personal loans must be repaid within a few weeks.

Can I Get a Loan the Same Day I Apply for It?

Most online lenders can deliver the requested loan amount as quickly as possible. Once you file your request, your loan application is checked and approved within a few minutes. Once the loan is approved, the lender sends the money to your designated bank account.

It generally takes less than one business day for the money to reach your account. Some lenders offer wire transfers to customers, which means the money is in your account in a matter of minutes. Please note that wire transfers often have a small fee attached to them.

Still, you should consider checking local banks and credit unions for an instant loan. They can process, approve, and issue the loan instantly. However, given that you bank with the financial institution, they know your financial situation and are unlikely to approve a loan if you have a bad credit history.

There’s also the option of a Payday Alternative Loan (PAL) to consider. These loans are exempt from the competitive interest rates on payday loans. These loans can also help people with poor credit ratings. Payday Alternative Loans have more generous repayment terms, often giving you up to six months to repay the loan.

What are the Requirements to Get a Loan?

The requirements to get a loan change depending on the loan and lender in question. For example, you’ll need the details for the car you want with a car loan. Business loans require you to have information about your business and a business plan for how you’ll use the money. Mortgages require information about the house you’ll buy.

There are some universal requirements that every lender will ask for no matter the type of loan you pursue. These requirements include:

  • Your name
  • Your home address, email address, and phone number
  • Evidence you are a permanent resident or citizen of the United States
  • Collateral for a secure loan
  • Employment history
  • Evidence of income status
  • Social security number
  • A form of government-issued identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or social security card

How Can I Use an Online Loan?

How you can use the money from the loan also depends on the type of loan. For example, your condo is anything you want with a personal loan. Feel free to use the money however you please. However, you won’t get that degree of freedom with other types of loans. For example, you must use a car loan to buy a car and a business loan to fund your business. Money from student loans must go towards paying for your studies.

Most online lenders will demand information about how you intend to use the money you borrow. Don’t worry too much, as your answer might not influence your chances of being approved for the loan. Instead, the question checks how reliable and responsible you are.

If you have negative statements in your bank account, you’re less likely to secure a loan for a car or vacation. Using a loan for a vacation when you have a bad credit score shows that you have a serious lack of financial prudence. Most lenders are unwilling to give money to people who aren’t careful with how they spend it.

What is the Fastest Reason to Get Approval For?

When you consider all the factors at play, a payday loan is the easiest loan to obtain online. The money is sent to your account as soon as you qualify for the loan. You’ll need to pay back the loan with interest within two weeks. The idea is to use the money from your next paycheck to pay off the loan, hence the name.

While you won’t have much trouble obtaining a payday loan, there are other options that are better for you. These alternatives are best for people with bad credit ratings. Payday loans have ridiculous interest rates, which goes a long way towards explaining why they are so easy to obtain.

Payday loans are intended to cover your financial needs until you get your next paycheck. That’s why you typically have between 15 and 30 days to pay the loan with interest. The interest rate goes up even more if you fail to pay the loan back in time. Therefore, you should only ever use a payday loan as a last resort when you truly have no other options.

Many people turn to payday loans because they assume their poor credit rating automatically disqualifies them from obtaining a better loan. As you’ve seen by now if you’ve read this far, that’s not the case at all.

In fact, there are plenty of money lenders that cater exclusively to people with poor credit scores and don’t offer payday loans. You’re sure to find a decent loan offer because companies compete with one another through favorable interest rates and repayment options.

These types of loans are helpful for people because they are so easy to apply for and obtain. Loans like this were almost impossible to get not that long ago. However, businesses and individuals alike can thrive through bad credit loans.

Where and How can I Obtain a Loan Fast with Bad Credit?

If you need a loan in a hurry, you can find one without having to go through a credit check with the help of a local moneylender. Local institutions offer you the money you need quickly and in-person to give you the extra assurance they can be trusted.

Online money lending platforms are another option, but you might need to go through a credit check to get the loan you need. Loan approvals can also take up to 24 hours to process and have the money in your account.

You might consider opting for a secured loan. These loans demand you offer collateral that is forfeit if you fail to repay the loan. Since these loans ask that you submit collateral, they may forego the credit check because the collateral is their assurance.

Secured loans come in different forms, including:

You don’t need a credit check to get money from a pawnshop. Instead, you go to the shop and give them something of value. They hold on to the item for the duration of the loan. The item should be of equal worth to the cost of the loan. If you fail to return the money on time, the item is forfeit and sold to the pawnshop to get their money back one way or another.

Payday loans are also called “Cash Loans” because they use your paycheck to secure payment. Please note if you fail to pay the loan back on time your salary is taken and used for the repayment instead.

Title loans are secured against the title for your car. If you don’t pay the loan back on time, the lender obtains possession of your vehicle and sells it to make the money back. This way, not only do you lose the money you spend on repayments, but you lose your car as well. However, because they are secured against collateral, title loans typically don’t require credit checks and the money is in your account quickly. Be wary of the high-interest rates and the potential for personal loss.

A home equity loan uses the equity in your mortgage as collateral. This means you get access to funding through the money in your mortgage.

A secure loan is easier to get than other types of loans, especially so considering they don’t require credit checks. However, they tend to have insane interest rates. They also require some form of collateral that is at risk if you fail to pay the loan back on time. Consider all of this before applying for a secure loan.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing an Instant Loan?

There are several things to consider before applying for a payday loan. Firstly, you should be certain that you can repay the loan on time. The sooner you can pay the loan back, the better. Defaulting on a payday loan could be the final nail in your financial coffin and cause all manner of financial troubles.

These loans typically require you to make payments within two to four weeks of receiving your money. They usually come with a ridiculously high-interest rate that is enough to make most people wary of them.

However, your troubles are far from over if you can’t pay the loan within the specified time. Should you fail to pay the money for whatever reason, the interest rate continues to increase at an exponential rate.

Your credit score is also at risk when you obtain a payday loan. If you continue defaulting on payday loan repayments, the lenders will report you to cardinal credit bureaus. This means your credit score will take a nasty hit.

Here are some key figures to consider: For every $100 you borrow with a payday lender; you’ll have $15 of interest to pay back. For example, borrowing $500 means you’ll need to pay $545 back within a few weeks. If you fail to meet those terms, the interest is increased for later months. Some people have found themselves paying back over $60,000 for an initial $3,000 loan.

Final Thoughts: Are Same Day Online Loans a Good Idea?

The advent of online money lending platforms has made it easier than ever for businesses and individuals to get the loans they need. No longer do you have to deal with the hassle of endless paperwork and checks to get a loan. Now, you can get a loan from the comfort of your living room.

If you are having trouble obtaining a loan due to a poor credit score, then you don’t need to worry anymore. You can easily obtain a poor credit score loan as there are many lenders willing to work with you.

Most online lenders will run a small credit check on your account, but the results of the check won’t influence their decision to offer you the loan or not. Online lending platforms give you access to plenty of offers from different lenders, leading to you getting competitive and fair rates.

Therefore, if you are willing to let your credit account go through a harmless little check, you stand to benefit from better loans and interest rates than you would get from conventional banks and lending institutions in your area. The online lending platforms discussed above are ready and able to offer you loans without scrutinizing your account too much. However, you can get better terms and a better deal by letting them look at your credit account a little.

The online platforms we looked at today work with some of the most trusted names in the American financial industry. This means you’ll get plenty of offers from different lenders from a single request. You’ll have plenty of options to consider.

The quick application process could put some attention on your business in the form of different lenders vying for your business. This competition opens the doors for better interest rates and fairer terms, such as four weekly payments on a loan to make repayment easier.

Once you choose the loan you want to pursue, you are taken to the online portal for the lender in question. Here is where you fill in the application form and submit it for approval. Each lender has different rules that you should meet to obtain a loan. Even so, these rules are typically straightforward. As stringent as they are, your money will be with you quickly if you meet them.

In summary, having a poor credit rating is no reason to suggest you can’t get a fair and reasonable loan. Obtaining a poor credit rating loan is even a good idea if you have a bad credit rating because it can improve your credit score if you make timely repayments. Once you have the loan and start paying back the installments, continuing to make timely payments should boost your credit score. You really don’t have to worry about a lender taking a small peek at your credit history.

If you’ve got a bad credit score and need a loan, why not apply for it, and see what happens? The truth is you have a good chance of getting the loan you need and improving your credit score along the way. Most lenders make it easy for customers to pay a loan back through monthly repayments if they agree to the terms and conditions and are happy with the interest rate. Take out a bad credit loan and pay it back on time so you’ll have better luck finding a more conventional loan if you need one in the future.

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Top Emergency Loans For Bad Credit: Best Of September 2021 Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:10:21 +0000 When times get tough, and you need some urgent financial assistance, online money lenders can offer the much needed help. However, this can be tough if you have a bad credit score. With bad credit history or a poor credit score, getting an emergency loan can be almost impossible. This is where bad credit loans […]]]>

When times get tough, and you need some urgent financial assistance, online money lenders can offer the much needed help. However, this can be tough if you have a bad credit score.

With bad credit history or a poor credit score, getting an emergency loan can be almost impossible. This is where bad credit loans come in; and with online third-party lending platforms, getting approval is easier than ever before! 

Go through this article to find out more.

How We Came Up with the list of the Best Emergency Loans

We have compiled this list for you of the top online lending companies, which offer convenient user policies, quick cash transfers, and good interest rates. This list features our top four picks for online businesses that approve the best bad credit emergency loans.

To judge each business, we put them in different categories. Then, each business was selected based on several characteristics within each category, including repayment terms, applicable fees, loan amount, and APR ranges. 

Furthermore, we also saw whether or not each lender accepts joint applicants or co-signers and where the lender is available. Lastly, we assessed each platform’s borrower perks, customer support tools, and features that make the borrowing process hassle-free. 

Accordingly, we gave points to companies depending on how each of them performed against the criteria.

What We Looked For: 

  • Solid Reputation – Most of these lenders have been working in the sector for years; therefore, they had mostly good reviews for their customer service.
  • Credit Flexibility – Every lender on this list approves loan applications with credit scores as low as 600s, while few even consider lower options.
  • Funding Speed – When emergency strikes, time is of the essence. All the online lenders listed make sure that borrowers receive their funds within the next day.
  • Full disclosure – All lenders on the list have safe business practices and are transparent with the services they offer and the people they work with. 

Top 4 Online Lenders that Offer Quick Emergency loans with Bad Credit in 2021 [Reviews]

  1. MoneyMutual: links borrowers & lenders
  2. BadCreditLoans: accepts all borrowers
  3. CashUSA: offers loans even with bad credit score
  4. PersonalLoans: provides multiple options to avail personal loans

#1. MoneyMutual – links borrowers & lenders

This platform offers users quick funding if they qualify for a loan. They are not lenders but rather an online loan company that links lenders and borrowers together. Their main aim is to help people receive funds irrespective of credit score.

We all can face difficulties when approaching lenders for a loan and filling their infinite requirements just to receive a small personal loan. However, that is not how MoneyMutual operates. 

Founded back in 2010, this online lending company has helped thousands of borrowers by helping them get funds immediately. MoneyMutual made their loan network keeping in mind the 40% of Americans who cannot come up with $400 if there is an emergency. 

If you have a bad credit score or bad credit history, looking for a loan through MoneyMutual is quick and easy. You can start the process by filling out an online form, which connects you to a lender. 

Loan lenders who think they fit the criteria for the loan can approach you with their offers. It is totally up to you to decide whether or not to accept the offer. Even at this stage, MoneyMutual will not charge you a dime; therefore, you are not obligated to accept or deny the loan.


MoneyMutual does not only provide a quick and easy service, but they have multiple other features and benefits:

  • No additional fees or charges:

MoneyMutual does not ask for any fees when you are using its services. They are strictly a middleman, linking you with multiple reliable lenders to get you an easy and fast loan. Although, once you are connected with the lender, they might have their fees and charges. Before accepting any loan, it is important to know all the fees the lender requires. 

  • Accept bad credit scores:

MoneyMutual is accommodating when checking users’ credit scores. They do not care if people have had bad credit history or a bad credit score. The business is more than willing to work with these people, so you do not need to worry about credit score when applying for a loan.

However, you might be charged with slightly higher interest rates if your credit score is poor.

  • Multiple options to choose from:

Since the business has a large network of lenders, consumers are lucky to have several options when picking a short-term loan. When applying through MoneyMutual, you are presented with all the lenders’ information who want to give you the loan; therefore, you can choose the loan that fits your needs best.

MoneyMutual is great in emergencies when you need extra cash in just a few hours.

Their large network of over 60 online lenders allows people to get loans quickly in a couple of hours or sometimes even in minutes. 

All people have to do is go to their website and fill the application form, and they can get a loan on the same day.


  • No additional charges or initial fees.
  • The website is easy to navigate to find reliable lenders.
  • Users can receive loan offers within hours or minutes.
  • They have a library of education resources to help educate people on financial topics.
  • An approval process is quick and easy.


  • They are not liable for any problems once you sign the lender’s agreement. 
  • It is only available in the US but is operational in all the states.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – accepts all borrowers

Top Emergency Loans For Bad Credit: Best Of September 2021

BadCreditLoans looks beyond just credit score or credit history, they consider factors like income, employment status, and bank balance. The claim is to be an online lender who accepts borrowers without doing credit history checks.

When applying for an emergency loan with bad credit, BadCreditLoans looks at your credit score – but concentrates on other factors like your employment history, education level, and income. This type of research is known as ‘ alternative credit data reporting’; lenders do this to get a whole picture of the borrower’s financial situation.

No matter the reason you need the funds for, be it debt consolidation, debt relief, credit card refinance, mortgage or rent, auto repair, or any other reason, BadCreditLoans has your back.

If you decide to work with them, you can receive loans ranging from $400 to $10,000. Additionally, their flexible repayment conditions make it easier for you to pay the installments for up to 48 months. However, there can be a difference in interest rates depending on the market and the terms you set with the lender. These rates usually range anywhere from 6% to up to 40%. 

To be eligible to get approved at BadCreditLoans, users need to be at least 18 years old and US citizens. Additionally, proof of a source of income is required with a valid bank account. 

This online loan company is great for businesses and people who need a loan to help with financial emergencies to repay it back efficiently. 


  • Different types of loans offered:

BadCreditLoans has a number of loans they offer to potential borrowers. If you have been denied traditional loans from other businesses or lenders, you will likely find what you need with BadCreditLoans. 

They have many different types of loans like personal loans, mortgages, business loans, student loans, payday loans, and auto loans.

Depending on the amount you need and for what reason, you can easily get approved for these loans, even with bad credit.

Most online lenders charge customers a fee to start the process, but not BadcreditLoans. They do not charge consumers any money throughout the loan process. You can get multiple offers from lenders that will allow you to compare different offers.

They make money through lenders, who pay BadCreditLoans a small commission for connecting the two parties.

  • Quick and easy online form

BadCreditLoan might have the simplest application process on the loose. It only requires a couple of minutes to finish the online form to get your loan approved. 

Additionally, if you apply for an emergency loan, the majority of the time, lenders transfer the funds within a day of approval. 

  • Links to multiple lenders 

The application process on BadCreditLoans is just a form. Once you are connected with the lender, you deal with them from that point. This means that BadCreditLoans is just a middleman to match you with reliable lenders.

The great thing is that anyone can get multiple quotes for loans and compare them with different lenders side by side.

This does not take multiple phone calls or applications like it usually is for normal loans. Instead, a simple application form will connect you to various lenders. 


  • Users can get multiple loan quotes for free.
  • Multiple loans can be compared to find out the best offer.
  • In case users do not get a lender to loan the funds, the website shows ads of other reliable lending businesses.
  • Details about the lender are provided to the users.
  • Users can leave and decline the lenders’ deal at any point in the process.


  • The BBB has not rated the company yet.
  • They only offer bad credit borrowers small loan amounts.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. – offers loans even with bad credit score

Top Emergency Loans For Bad Credit: Best Of September 2021

It can get almost impossible to borrow money from the bank if you have a bad credit score. This can put in quite a difficult spot if you need funds for an emergency situation. People who have less than stellar credit scores are often finding the best way to improve them. That is where CashUSA can help.

With CashUSA, not only do they help you get funds with a bad credit score, but they improve your FICO score if you make your payments on time. This is great as you are receiving the funds from the lender while also making sure you are eligible for any future loan opportunities.

If users repay the loan on time, the lender will automatically update their credit history, improving their credit score. Moreover, the lender can also help fight false claims present in their credit history.

A great thing about CashUSA is its education center. This library is open to anyone and can be accessed through the official website. 

It contains all the information users need on finance-related topics like calculating debt, student loan plans, credit score, picking a financial advisor, choosing a budget, and the list keeps going.

Lenders who work with CashUSA do not need a good credit score or a credit check, making it easier for consumers to qualify for a loan.  However, with bad credit loans, it is normal for interest rates to be higher than usual. 

The company’s main goal is to provide a stress-free, functional and simple experience for users applying for emergency loans. Their best feature is that having a bad credit history or bad credit score will not decrease a loan’s chances of being approved. 


  • Straightforward and simple to use

Even Though the site’s design can make people doubtful about the legitimacy of the business, their sole goal has been on giving the lenders and borrowers a safe and easy platform to make transactions from both sides. 

Their application form is navigable, simple, and secure – and can be filled out within minutes.

  • No additional fees or payments:

As CashUSA is not a lender and just a middle man, they do not charge service fees from users. 

The fees and interest you are going to pay are all determined by the lender under the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. 

When giving out personal and financial information, it must be in safe hands. CashUSA guarantees both borrowers and lenders the safety and privacy of their information. The business has a very strong privacy policy that forces its lenders to follow their privacy regulations to secure borrowers’ personal information.

The website uses encryption technology to avoid any information leaks. To further find out how and why they use your information, they have a Privacy Policy section on their website. 

  • Specific lenders according to your needs:

CashUSA asks for a bunch of information in their application forms, including identifying, employment, and demographic data. The real purpose of all this information is to connect users to specific lenders who can cater to their needs. Therefore the more details you give the better loan you’ll receive.

  • Simple eligibility criteria:

Unlike other competitors in the industry, CashUSA has lenders that give loans to people from all backgrounds. This means even though the lender sets the credit requirements, they will accept all credit profiles.


  • The company has over one million monthly users who mostly have good reviews.
  • Loans can be repaid easily, with repayment time given up to 70 months.
  • Their service is free of cost, easy, and quick. 
  • Allows anyone to access their education center that contains a lot of helpful financial information.
  • Great customer service.
  • Network of lenders that are all over the states.
  • Great for emergency loans, even with bad credit.


  • The maximum amount of loan given is $ 10,000.
  • They might sell your data to make profits.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. – provides multiple options to avail Personal loans

Top Emergency Loans For Bad Credit: Best Of September 2021

Personal Loans was started with the mission to provide an easy and convenient way for users to search for a loan through several different lenders. Their service attempts to link borrowers with lending partners or lenders from their network who would like to offer them loans. Their site is best suited for anyone who needs emergency funds.

PersonalLoans gives customers multiple options to avail loans from their network of lenders and banks. They offer personal installment loans, emergency loans, peer-to-peer loans, and many more. No matter what time of the day, PersonalLoans always has people ready to loan you money. 

Their application process is quick and simple, where potential borrowers fill an online form with basic personal and financial information that is used to link them with lenders. Once their application is approved, PersonalLoans uses this information to find lenders who cater to these needs.

Once lenders offer their terms and conditions, it is up to you to decide if you agree to them or not. To this point, PersonalLoans does not charge any fees, so you do not have an obligation to stay. If you do not like the deal, there is always room for negotiation or simply denying it. If accepted, funds will usually be transferred into your account within a day.

Even if any lender does not accept your loan request, PersonalLoans always has the option of approaching other third-party lenders with who they have worked before. 

It is important to note that PersonalLoans just acts as an intermediary; therefore, it is not responsible for any scams or mishaps that happen between both parties. Hence everyone needs to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before accepting them. 


PersonalLoans is an official Online Lenders Alliance member, committing itself to being honest and following fair practices.

By being an OLA member, they are required to follow all the federal laws and regulations, give the best user experience and protect users against illegal and other fraudulent online threats. 

For example, OLA enforces some things on its members: they need to provide borrowers adequate cancellation policies, do not give them false information or have misleading marketing/advertising, and manage all their party leaders with integrity. 

Another great feature that makes PersonalLoans one of the best online lending companies is their flexible terms. Many online lenders try to limit their customers to strict policies, short repayment plans, and refit amount caps. Due to this, borrowers are forced to pay more than what they planned for.

However, PersonalLoans allows consumers to get loans as little as $400 all the way up to $30,000. Additionally, they allow repayments from 90 days to up to 72 months.

Most lending companies only offer one or two types of loans. On the other hand, PersonalLoans offers users three types of loans to find one that works best. The types of loans are bank loans, installment loans, and peer-to-peer loans. Each one is different in the credit score required and the amount that is given out.

Even though Personal loans are just an intermediary, lenders are still required to follow some of their rules and regulations. This means lenders need to have a flexible payment system.

It is very common for people taking emergency loans to miss their deadlines. Therefore PersonalLoans has a system where users can contact the lender beforehand and ask him to change the deadline or extend it.

Lenders usually comply with this rule, but they charge late payments with a small fee. Additionally, not everyone gets granted late payments, and it is mostly given to people with a good credit score. 


  • Large range of funding available, from $500 to $30,000.
  • Funds are transferred quickly and without any hassle.
  • The encrypted site protects users’ personal and financial information.
  • OLA members, therefore they have high standards.
  • Loans are approved for people with bad credit scores.
  • A large network of lenders is available.


  • Eligibility requirements are more than that of other online lenders.
  • Might not approve the application for bad credit scores.

=> Click here to visit the official website of PersonalLoans

Factors to Consider When Getting an Emergency Loan with Bad Credit

With many online lending companies, it can be difficult to know which ones are real and which are fraudulent, especially if it is your first loan. There are many factors to research before getting an emergency loan, that too with bad credit. Here are some points you should keep in mind before choosing an online lender:


Even bad credit lenders usually demand some sort of minimum credit score requirement, which Fair Isaac Corporation sets. This score and other factors are taken into consideration when choosing the interest rate and APR.

All the companies on the list above have the following common criteria:

  • Users should be 18 years of age or older.
  • They need to have a bank account.
  • They must be US permanent residents or citizens.
  • Need to have a steady income source.

If you fulfill these criteria, you will most likely get approved for a loan.

The Amount Required

When choosing an emergency loan, it is important to calculate the exact amount required. As emergency loans are usually short-term, they can be costly; minimum loans are around $500 and can go up to $10,000.

If you need to borrow a high amount for a long period, you will usually get higher interest rates. Hence by knowing your budget and the time needed to repay the loan, you can save a lot of money.

Interest Rates

When choosing a lender, it is important to pick one that offers good interest rates. You should always choose lenders that offer competitive interest rates according to the market. Additionally, making a comparison between the different minimum interest rates being offered is also important. 

Although, the rates you get depend highly on your credit history and credit score. So the worse the score is, the higher the interest rate you’ll get.

Some bad credit emergency loan lenders will offer a fixed interest rate rather than a fluctuating one to users with bad credit. This ensures that the fixed interest rate stays the same throughout the loan. On the other hand, they can also offer a variable interest rate, which changes according to the index rate.

Terms and Conditions

When it comes to terms and conditions for loans with bad credit scores, most lenders willingly lend to borrowers who have a score in their low 600s. However, while taking out an emergency loan, lenders may concentrate on other factors to determine whether or not you can pay back the loan.

Therefore, always opt for a lender/platform with flexible terms to get a loan even with a low credit score.


Applying for emergency loans with bad credit sets you up for high interest rates as it is, and getting charged hidden fees can make the loan even more expensive. 

Therefore, all the platforms named in this list offer disclosure on all their terms and are transparent about how they work and what they charge. Thus, if you do not want to do extensive research, the list above can provide you with a safe platform to opt for.

FAQs about Emergency Loans

Q. What are the types of emergency loans I can get with bad credit?

There are a number of different loans that borrowers with bad credit can receive. Whether or not the lender accepts these loans depends on which lender you choose to work with. The different types of loans are listed below:

Personal Loans: If you have relatively good credit, you can qualify for a personal loan. These are installment loans that have a fixed interest rate and need to be paid over some time.

These loans can be used for anything, so they are great for borrowers who can qualify for the loan. Even though people with bad credit can get approved for personal loans, they are best suitable for borrowers with a good financial position.

Payday Loans: The name is pretty self-explanatory; this type of loan needs to be paid back by the very next payday. They are known as a risky kind of loan because of repayment time and high-interest rates.

These loans are usually given to people with bad credit, but if they are not able to repay it, they can end up in a debt trap. 

Even though these loans are great for emergencies, they should always be kept as a last resort if you cannot get any other loans from a lender.

Credit and Cash Advance: This is one of the most common types of loans that are used in everyday life. When a borrower uses their present balance on a credit card to take out loans, it is called cash advances. A processing fee and interest rate are charged on cash advances by the credit card company. This is one of the fastest ways to receive an emergency loan.

These loans work great for people who need funding immediately and cannot wait for long. 

Title Loans: Usually, people with bad credit use this type of loan. If you have a car, you can use it as leverage to gain access to short-term loans with low-interest fees. Credit history or scores are not criteria for lenders with this type of loan, as the car is used as a liability.

This may seem like a great alternative until you cannot repay the loan, which gives the lender the right to seize your car.

Q. Can I get an emergency loan if I do not have a job?

The simple answer is yes. When a lender approves a loan request, they look at many other factors other than traditional employment.

The only thing a good lender is concerned about is whether or not you can repay the loan back. While some may see traditional employment as proof, many online lenders approve loans on the basis of other income sources like:

  • Child support
  • Student Aid
  • Annuity
  • Investment
  • Alimony
  • Rental Property
  • Retirement accounts 
  • Government benefits 

A browser can get approved for an emergency loan if they are able to prove a regular income source and ensure that they are financially stable.

Q. What is a bad credit score?

Most lenders use credit scores ranging from 300-850. If a user’s FICO score is below 670, they are categorized as a subprime borrower with a fair credit rating. Anything FICO scores less than 580 is classified as very poor.

It is important to know that bad credit emergency loans can be quite costly. Interest rates can get higher than 30%, depending on your credit score. The worse your credit score is, the higher your interest rate will be on your loan. Some other problems you face when trying to borrow with a bad credit score are getting shorter repayment times and lower loan amounts.


Nothing in life is certain; at one point, you’re having the time of your life, and moments later, it is throwing you curveballs. If unforeseen financial events are not taken care of in due time, they can create a huge dent in your monetary and credit condition. Therefore, opting for emergency loans to bail you out in such cases can help you in the long run.

All the businesses listed above have their pros and cons. So always make sure to do your research and be well informed before making a decision. 

But if you do not want to do the research yourself or don’t have the time, we suggest you go for BadCreditLoan as a safe bet.

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2021’s Best Same-Day Loans with Instant Approval & No Credit Check: Top 4 Payday Loans Online | Paid Content | Cleveland Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:10:17 +0000 click to enlarge Getting a loan has become a lot easier with the development of online money lending services. The customary headaches and paperwork associated with obtaining a loan are long gone. You can now get much-needed cash from the convenience of your own home, even if you are in any kind of emergency, as […]]]>

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Getting a loan has become a lot easier with the development of online money lending services. The customary headaches and paperwork associated with obtaining a loan are long gone. You can now get much-needed cash from the convenience of your own home, even if you are in any kind of emergency, as lenders are readily available to proceed with the loan on the same day.

There are many websites that claim to offer cash quickly in a day, but with so many showing up, it can be very difficult to find a site you can trust with your personal information.

That is why we have done the research for you and have made a list of the best companies that provide same-day loans online with no credit check and instant approval. If you have some bad spots on your credit score, this can be the ideal choice for you, as the lender does not tend to check your credit before lending you the money.

So, let us take a look at our list of best online money lending platforms.

List of Best Same-Day Loans Online with No Credit Check [Reviews]

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best for Same-Day Funding Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans: Get Quick Same-Day Loans to Improve Bad Credit
  3. CashUSA: Best Site for Instant Loans
  4. Personal Loans: Good Interest Rates on Same-Day Personal Loans

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best for Same-Day Funding Loans

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In terms of the basics, the MoneyMutual platform allows you to apply for loans, starting at $200 and up to a maximum of $5,000. MoneyMutual is a third-party matching platform that assists users in locating lenders for same-day loans with no credit check and same-day approval. It is a straightforward website that allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent applying to several lenders. You only need to fill out a form to start your search, and the platform will connect you with over 60 lenders who can help you.

MoneyMutual, however, does not participate in the loan procedure, as you are responsible for selecting a lender and meeting the lender’s standards for a short-term loan. MoneyMutual only demands that you are at least 18 years old and earn at least $800 per month. The form also asks for your email address and phone number.


Once you submit your information, MoneyMutual begins working on your application, and they distribute your information to a network of potential lenders. Because same-day loans are designed for this, you may get lucky and find a lender within 24 hours of filing your application.

You can accept loan offers from a lender and use it to suit your needs. However, make sure you understand all of the loan terms and conditions before signing anything. The interest rate and additional costs the lender will request may surprise you. However, do not worry, as these are standard.

MoneyMutual’s website offers openness, in-depth information, educational materials, an FAQ page, and a simple platform to utilize. They also have a section dedicated to real user feedback and complaints. Moreover, it is safe and secure, thanks to Norton’s 256-bit encryption. In their reviews, users also vouch for ease of use.


  • Free to use platform
  • Simple one-page application available
  • Funding in a matter of hours
  • Large lending network
  • Available throughout the United States


  • After a loan is accepted, there is no protection
  • No direct comparison feature available

Customer Experience

Customers like how simple and straightforward it is to obtain a loan from this site, as they simply need to complete a form. They also admire MoneyMutual’s ability to lend to those with poor credit. Throughout the week, customer support listens to and responds to your questions. In addition, the organization has lending firms that abide by all regulations in order to safeguard borrowers from fraud and abuse, thereby gaining borrowers’ trust.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans: Get Quick Same-Day Loans to Improve Bad Credit

click image


BadCreditLoans is an online lending platform that provides customers with same-day loans without a credit check. It was designed for borrowers with bad credit, as the name implies, because they, like everyone else, encounter unexpected circumstances and need cash quickly. However, BadCreditLoans has always been available for people from all walks of life since its inception in 1998, and they claim to have assisted over 750,000 consumers to date.

You can always count on this company if you need emergency funds to cover bills or if you simply wish to expand your savings account. In addition, applying for an emergency loan is a simple process. You must first visit their official website, and then you will next be given instructions you must follow.

As previously stated, your loan will be granted as soon as feasible, usually within one business day. Depending on the terms you choose, interest rates range from 5.99% to 35.99%. The sign-up form is as straightforward as they come, so it will only take you a few minutes to complete.


All of their customers’ personal privacy rights are recognized, respected, and protected, and they strive hard to protect your privacy. They are dedicated to maintaining a high level of security and privacy in the collecting and use of personal information from their clients, as well as the personal information of all visitors to their website. On their website, you can see their privacy policy, which explains how they utilize and protect consumer information.

At BadCreditLoans, they guarantee they will never charge you a fee to link you with a lender, as it is entirely free to fill out and submit a loan request. They search their resources and connect you with a reputable lender using the information you submit, and you might be able to get a loan approved quickly, provided there are no complications.


  • Obtaining a loan is simple and quick
  • Lender information accessible
  • Primary purpose is to maintain privacy
  • Outstanding customer services
  • Provides additional services, such as credit rehabilitation and debt relief, among others


  • No loan options for a joint, co-signed, or secured loan

Customer Experience

This platform provides users with a variety of ways to reach their customer service representatives. For some individuals, BadCreditLoans offers the best personal loans in 2021. Small personal loans are appealing to those who are having difficulty sticking to a budget. So, if you are having financial difficulties and cannot get the money you need, this could be the place for you.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA: Best Site for Instant Loans

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CashUSA is a third-party marketplace that connects borrowers seeking same-day loans with lenders, such as CashNetUSA and Big Picture Loans. The platform’s network includes a variety of lenders of various sizes and scopes. As a result, when you use the CashUSA website to apply for a loan, you are not actually borrowing money from the organization. Rather, the platform matches you with appropriate lenders based on your specific demands and circumstances.

When you first visit the CashUSA platform, you will realize it is quite basic. We enjoy it, though, because the platform puts everything you need to know on one page. This covers all of the details, such as the many types of rates available, your eligibility, and the terms of the loan agreement you will most likely be offered.

So, the CashUSA website can connect you with lenders who can provide loans from $500 to $10,000 with interest rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99% and terms from 3 months to 72 months.


  • Convenient Loan Disbursement and Repayment

If you receive loan offers from a lender, you will have the option to study it before deciding whether or not to accept it. In most situations, your funds can be placed straight into your bank account in as little as one working day via electronic fund transfer.

Loan repayment is just as simple. When the due date arrives, your lender can simply withdraw money electronically from the same account into which your funds were originally placed. If your loan period ends and you do not have enough money in your account to repay the loan, contact the lender ahead of time to ask for an extension. Many lenders may grant extensions so people do not have to worry about their credit being harmed as a result of non-payment.

CashUSA takes pleasure in offering customers a quick, easy, secure, and dependable loan process. They are committed to safeguarding the privacy of people seeking assistance, and those who apply for loans online may rest assured that their personal information will be kept private at all times. Overall, personal loans are available from a variety of lenders, and CashUSA may assist you in finding one.


  • Provides a variety of short-term loans
  • Same-day funding
  • Simple application procedure


  • Cannot take out two loans at the same time
  • Higher interest rates are charged by lenders

Customer Experience

On the customer service page, the company received 4.8 out of 5 stars. Users have expressed their appreciation for the website, stating it is highly simple to obtain a same-day loan with no credit check and instant approval. They have also appreciated how professional the customer service representatives are when answering consumers’ questions, and users have stated they will suggest this website to their family and friends, demonstrating their faith in it.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. Personal Loans: Good Interest Rates on Same-Day Personal Loans

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The best thing Personal Loans has going for it is its very nature — it is an online lending network that connects potential borrowers with lenders from all across the United States. Overall, Personal Loans’ success can be attributed to its large number of loan partners.

Because of its extensive network, the site can assist borrowers with a wide range of credit ratings and backgrounds in obtaining the funds they require. It also means Personal Loans may offer a wide range of loan types, as well as loan sizes and terms, to suit practically every personal loan requirement. Qualified customers can apply for loans up to $35,000 on the site, with loan terms up to 72 months.

With Personal Loans, you will only need to complete one application to get various quotations from lenders who best match your specific credentials. The application is quick and simple, asking for the same information you would supply on any other credit application, such as your name and address, as well as confirmation of your identity and an active bank account.


  • Lenders from Around the Country

Personal Loans is a nationwide online loans network that matches you with banks and non-bank lenders, depending on your criteria. Because Personal Loans works with so many lending institutions, it can often deliver multiple rate quotations to qualifying candidates at the same time, all from a single application.

In comparison to other personal loan providers, Personal Loans has a well-designed website with detailed information about their terms, the loan application process, and the company. Their website contains a variety of information to assist you in navigating their service, making it an extremely user-friendly experience. You can contact their in-house customer support team by phone, email, online contact form, or mail if you have any questions during the loan application process.


  • Multiple alternatives available
  • No credit checks
  • No additional charges
  • Quick and easy application process


  • Restrictive eligibility standards

Customer Experience

Customers say the organization appears to be a good option for getting a personal loan without having to fill out dozens of applications with different lenders. They stated the organization specializes in providing prompt and efficient service. In addition, payments are straightforward, and clients appreciate how user-friendly the website is.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

Factors to Consider While Taking Same-Days Loans

If you are still planning to take out a same-day loan from a lender other than the ones mentioned in this list, here are some factors you should consider.


Annual percentage rate (APR) differs from one lender to the next. The finest payday loan provider has the lowest interest rates, ensuring you do not overpay on your repayments. Therefore, you should choose the APR with the lowest charges.

Loan Terms

The number of days you have to repay the money you borrowed is referred to as the repayment terms. Longer loan periods are offered by some companies, while shorter terms are offered by others. You might choose a lender who offers lengthier loan terms, so you can pay back the money you borrowed more quickly.

Late Payments

If you do not make your monthly payments on time, you will be penalized by several lenders. If you cannot make payments before the agreed-upon due date, you might want to look for a provider that charges reduced late fees.

Loan Application Ease

When evaluating lenders, inquire about the length and complexity of the application procedure. Your lender will gather information, such as the salary you generate throughout the month and the amount of debt you owe. This data is used to determine your ability to repay the loan. Depending on the loan size and length, some lenders require a lot of paperwork, while others do not. If you need money immediately, look for a lender that offers an online application and less stringent paperwork requirements. Certain documents, such as your income tax returns, bank statements, financials and articles of incorporation, and franchise agreements, among others, can help speed up the approval process.

Additional Fees

A firm that does not charge additional costs is the ideal place to receive a same-day loan. When applying for a payday loan, certain lenders may impose an administration fee. So, choose a lender that charges modest or no application costs.

How Do I Get a Same-Day Loan?

If you want to apply for a same-day loan, follow these steps:

  • Determine the Amount You Need to Borrow

It is important to remember that when you borrow money, you do not only pay back the money you borrowed. You also pay interest or rent on the money you borrow, except for that 0% credit card that is paid off on time. There is no point in paying interest on the money you do not need, so only borrow as much as you need. If you borrow less than you require, you may be compelled to turn to more expensive loan sources at the last minute.

Finally, make sure you can afford to repay the money you borrow. There is nothing worse than going into debt when the smartest course of action would have been to wait until your circumstances improved.

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) was founded in 1968 when the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) issued Regulation Z, which was aimed to protect consumers while completing financial transactions. Personal loans are included in this safety net, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is currently in charge of this regulation (CFPB).

When it comes to closed-end personal loans, Subpart C – Sections 1026.17 and 1026.18 of the TILA require lenders to disclose the APR, finance charge, amount funded, and a total of payments. The number of payments, monthly payment amount, late fees, and whether there is a penalty for paying off the loan early are all essential disclosures.

Do not settle for the first lender you find. To locate the best loan for your circumstances, make sure to look into as many lenders as possible. Compare competitive interest rates as well as any fees imposed by the lender. After filling out a single form, you can quickly compare your pre-qualified rates from multiple lenders in two minutes with all of the sites mentioned on the list.

If you qualify for the same-day loan, you must fill out an application in its entirety and submit any relevant evidence. To avoid any delays, make sure to fill out the application completely and precisely, and turn in papers as soon as possible.

Examine your loan offers thoroughly to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises down the road. If you agree to the terms, sign to accept your loan and begin the funding procedure.

You will need to input your bank’s routing number as well as your account number if you are receiving funds by direct deposit. In this manner, the lender will be able to send the funds directly to your account.

Benefits of Same-Day Loans

  • Suitable for Bad Credit Holders

A person with a bad credit history may find it difficult to obtain credit, and any high-risk applications will be rejected by the majority of traditional consumer finance providers. Individuals classified as high risk may have previously struggled with debt, but the high-risk group can also include those with no credit history.

Same-day loan lenders do thorough affordability checks, but they compensate for the significant risk by charging higher interest rates than other lenders. As a result, they are often able to approve loan applications that other types of lenders might turn down.

The majority of the time, the finance application process is completed solely online. However, additional sorts of evidence may be required in certain instances.

For the most part, applying for credit entails filling out an internet form with personal and financial information. These facts are kept private and will not be shared with anyone else; however, the lender will utilize them to make a speedy decision.

The majority of debtors prefer to manage their debts online. This is one of the advantages of same-day cash loans that makes them easier to manage.

When you apply for the same-day loan, you will usually be provided access to your online account. When you log in, you will be able to check your current loan balance and any upcoming repayment dates, as well as make an online payment. If you manage your loan online, it is simple to make early repayments if you have the funds.

  • Early Repayments Can Help You Save Money

Many lenders will send monthly payment reminders through SMS or email, utilizing various current technologies. This can assist you in ensuring you have sufficient funds in your account to support monthly payments made automatically through a Continuous Payment Authority.

Emergencies cannot be postponed. So, you may not have time to wait for a typical method of borrowing to get approved if your car breaks down or your furnace has to be replaced.

Many lenders can transfer the money to your account within minutes after a successful application, saving you the trouble of going to a real store. Most loan decisions are made within 30 minutes, according to Pounds to Pocket, with money remitted to the borrower’s bank account within ten minutes after approval.

  • Trustworthy Regulated Lenders

The loan industry is strictly monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority. Before engaging in any restricted activity, lenders must register with the Financial Conduct Authority (such as providing a loan or offering a loan broker service). They will appear on the Financial Services Register once they have been approved.

Consumers who seek short-term credit can take advantage of the Financial Conduct Authority’s security. Before applying for a loan, borrowers should always check the Financial Services Register to ensure they are working with an approved organization.

Alternatives to Same-Day Loans

Credit Unions

If you cannot find a reputable same-day loan provider, a credit union — a financial institution equivalent to a commercial bank — might be an option. These financial institutions are non-profit organizations whose sole purpose is to serve their customers. A credit union has the advantage of offering better rates and the same perks as banks, such as investment possibilities and savings loans. Your credit history will be checked by a credit union, but not on every loan.

Loans Despite Bad Credit

If you are having trouble improving your credit score, you can always look for a lender that will give you a loan, even if you have low credit. Minimum credit scores are required by these lenders. However, even if your credit score is poor, you may get approved.

Family Member or Friend

If you are having trouble finding decent online payday loans and do not want to risk damaging your credit, you could ask a friend or family member for help. With this alternative, you usually do not have to pay interest or administration fees if you borrow money from someone you trust.

While borrowing from family and friends is usually safe and inexpensive, it can strain relationships. So, do not do it unless you are sure you will be able to repay the loan within the agreed-upon time limit.


To get the money you require, you can take an item to a pawnshop. You simply repay the amount borrowed when you want to return the item (usually with interest). A pawnshop loan could put cash in your hand instead of waiting for a direct deposit into your account.

Title Loan

The title to your vehicle is used as security for title loans. However, if you do not make timely repayments, your automobile will be confiscated and auctioned to cover the cost of the loan. In this manner, you would even lose the payments you have been paying on the loan. These types of loans, on the other hand, do not require a credit check and can be issued to you immediately. Keep in mind, however, that this loan has an extremely high interest rate.

Home Equity Loan

The equity in your home might be used as security for this loan, and you can get it because it is financed through your mortgage.

Secure loans are simple to get because they do not require a credit check. They do, however, come with astronomically high-interest rates. They also require some type of security that can be used in the event of loan default. So, before you make a decision, think about all of these factors.

FAQs: Same-Day Loans

Q. What is the definition of a same-day personal loan?

When you require funds quickly, a same-day loan, also known as a cash advance, might provide you with the finances you require. Processing is usually considerably faster than with traditional loans, with lenders offering a variety of rates and terms to accommodate swift funding. You will pay somewhat higher interest rates and costs than with traditional loans, but that is the price you pay for convenience and quickness.

Q. When is it appropriate to take out same-day loans?

A same-day loan, like any other personal loan, can be used for a variety of things, including debt reduction, home upgrades, trips, weddings, and anything else important in your life. Funerals, relocation, and medical bills are all examples of life events. So, when there is an emergency, same-day loans are frequently used.

There are never shortages of bills in life, and a same-day loan can help you fulfill them quickly and easily. However, it is important to remember you must repay it on time to prevent late fees, or you will end up owing more than the original loan amount.

Q. What should you know about same-day loans before you apply?

Before taking out a loan, do your research on the lender and read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If you cannot make the needed payments, the loan is not likely to be a good fit for your financial situation. Keep in mind that some lenders will provide you a smaller loan that will be easier to repay in the long run. To verify your income, you will usually need to include some paperwork with your application, such as pay stubs or your most recent tax return.

Q. Is there a difference between same-day personal loans and payday loans?

No. You might be able to receive a quick payday loan, but there are also various types of same-day loans. Your next salary will usually be used as collateral if you take out a payday loan. Payday loans may be available to consumers with bad credit, but they come with outrageous fees and interest rates, which are up to 500% in some cases.

If you cannot afford to repay a payday loan, this could be very harmful. Payday loans should be avoided at all costs, not just because of the exorbitant interest rates, but also because of payday lenders’ possible predatory nature.

Q. Is a bank account required for approval?

Most lenders, in fact, require a bank account in order to approve a loan. This allows them to send funds straight to your account and deduct payments automatically. Some lenders, on the other hand, will lend to those who do not have a bank account. These lenders can provide you with the funds you require in the form of cash, check, or debit card, but they may demand exorbitant interest rates, increasing the overall cost of your loan.

If you do not have a bank account, a lender may approve you for a payday loan or a cash advance loan. You can also apply for a title loan or a pawnshop loan, but these are riskier loans than others, as you may lose your collateral if you do not pay back the loan on time.

Q. Is obtaining a same-day loan via the internet safe?

Finding a safe, online loan from a trustworthy internet lender is not difficult. Even so, it is crucial to conduct your research to ensure you are working with a reputable lender before handing over your personal information. So, look for reviews of the most reputable online lenders. It is also a good idea to check with other agencies, like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to see if lenders have received any complaints.

Q. What methods do lenders use to verify income?

When you apply for a loan, any lender will ask for proof of income. This credit score will be used by the loan business to determine if you earn enough money to pay off the debt you are attempting to take on.

The lender may accept your reported income data without requiring verification in specific instances. However, if you are looking for a high-risk loan or one with a significant loan amount, you may be required to show proof of your stated income.

You can demonstrate this by providing your latest two or three pay stubs, which show your year-to-date earnings and how regularly you receive monthly payments. You could also do this by providing a recent W-2 form from your employer. This is generally sufficient to meet a lender’s standards, and it is uncommon for a lender to call your employer to confirm employment. It is usually for substantial debts, such as a mortgage.

Q. In what way can you increase your credit score the quickest?

Your credit score is used by lenders to assess your long-term financial responsibilities and to evaluate if you will be able to repay any loans you get. That means the lender will consider your present financial situation as well as your previous financial history.

Because you cannot undo past mistakes, the best method to improve credit quickly is to concentrate on your current circumstances. This entails paying down existing debts as quickly as possible.

The entire amount of debt you have accounts for 30% of your credit score, and the remaining 35% is estimated based on your payment history. A single late payment can result in a credit score reduction of up to 100 points.


With that, we conclude this article, and we hope this has helped you in clearing your doubts. We looked at more than a dozen choices for same-day loans online with no credit check and instant approval. Interest rates, eligibility conditions, fee structures, loan amounts, repayment lengths, and the opportunity to apply for pre-qualification were among the factors we considered while making our decisions.

These same-day loans do not even require a credit check, so you can acquire cash in an emergency even if you have a low credit score. If you are looking to use a service other than one featured on our list, do not forget to look at the buyer’s guide we provided.

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Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit in 2021 | Branded Voices Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:10:12 +0000 Details You may need emergency loans for several unexpected expenses. One of the most common and affordable options for emergency loans is an unsecured personal loan. You may need emergency loans for several unexpected expenses. One of the most common and affordable options for emergency loans is an unsecured personal loan. However, an emergency loan […]]]>

You may need emergency loans for several unexpected expenses. One of the most common and affordable options for emergency loans is an unsecured personal loan.

You may need emergency loans for several unexpected expenses. One of the most common and affordable options for emergency loans is an unsecured personal loan. However, an emergency loan can also occur as an alternative payday loan, a payday loan, or a loan from an acquaintance.

A bad credit score limits borrowing options. But, that does not mean you cannot receive an emergency loan. Here are some of the best online networks that can connect you with a lender online for emergency cash, even if you have bad credit. 

Top 4 Best Emergency Loans & Cash for Bad Credit

  1. MoneyMutual – Best for Short-Term Loans
  2. BadCreditLoans – Best for Poor Credit History
  3. CashUSA – Best Payment Options 
  4. Personal Loans® – Best for Personal Loans 

#1. MoneyMutual: Best for Short-Term Loans

According to the Economic Well-Being of the US Household reports, 4 out of 10 Americans cannot even afford $400 during an emergency. So, MoneyMutual built a market to alleviate this problem.

The company offers its users quick, secure, and simple access to money lenders. It shares your information with suitable lenders who can further provide you financial assistance. 

You can confirm a loan within minutes, and the money gets directly deposited in your account within 24 hours. All the company requires you to do is fill out a secure and simple form with the required details. 

The lenders instantly review your information to see if they can work with you. If a lender accepts your request and you decide to work with them, they can directly deposit the loan funds into your bank account within 24 hours.


MoneyMutual is one of the top choices for short-term loans in emergency cases, as its network only submits your loan application to relevant lenders. 

This feature results in a quicker loan process. However, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a checking account, and provide proof of employment to get a loan from MoneyMutual


  • Short-term loans 
  • Online marketplace for money providers
  • Funds transfer within 24 hours
  • Simple online application 
  • Positive reviews 


  • Loans only up to $2,500 available
  • Unavailable in CT and NY

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual for the Best Discount

#2. BadCreditLoans: Best for Poor Credit History

BadCreditLoans shares your information with lending partners on its network and other loan providers. These lenders offer interest rates from 5.99% to 35.99%. However, APRs differ depending on the information you supply in your loan request. 

You will typically have a repayment period ranging from 90 days to 72 months (6 years). You will get to know the loan fees, APR, and other conditions in the loan agreement.

Before you accept a loan from a network, you need to read the agreement carefully, as the repayment terms and APR may differ from those mentioned on the company’s website. BadCreditLoans prioritizes customer care by regularly notifying its customers with these terms.


The company helps you secure loans, get information about debt relief, monitor credit, etc. BadCreditLoans provides free services without obligations to accept loan offers. You can fill out the loan forms at any time of the day, and you will receive an offer shortly. 

If BadCreditLoans cannot find a loan offer for you, they might connect you with other providers for credit repair, debt relief, and other credit-related services.


  • Free service 
  • No obligations 
  • You can submit your form at any time of the day 
  • Convenient request forms
  • Guides you to make responsible decisions
  • Encryption technology for securing information


  • Need to read the documents very carefully, as APR and repayment terms might vary from those on the official website

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans for the Best Discount

#3. CashUSA: Best Payment Options

CashUSA offers borrowers a chance to get loans ranging from $500 to $10,000. You can repay these installments in a period of 90 days to 72 months. 

The APRs usually range from 5.99% to 35.99%. Moreover, the company has over one million monthly users, excellent financial education resources, and streamlined online systems. Customers have praised this online platform for its services. 


CashUSA has a pretty straightforward process to request a loan. Unlike a traditional bank, CashUSA quickly processes your loan request form and sends it to lenders, saving you a lot of time. 

In addition, CashUSA has one of the most advanced encryption technologies to keep all of your data safe. The company runs daily tests to ensure the system is secure without any security breaches. 

The most notable feature of this site is its convenient payment method. You can make monthly payments online without mailing checks or postal services, which prevents delays.

Moreover, you can autopay the lenders in CashUSA’s network. With this method, your bank can automatically send the loan payment to the lender’s account. This is also a great way to build your credit.


  • Multiple payment options
  • Large network of lenders
  • Great for people with bad credit
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Available autopay option
  • Encryption technology for security 
  • Quick process for loan requests


  • Not a direct lender
  • Loans up to $10,000 only available

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA for the Best Discount

#4. Personal Loans® – Best for Personal Loans

Personal Loans® brings a flexible and fast means to connect you with a lender and complete your loan application.

You get to review the terms when a lender from the company’s network or one of the other third-party lender networks offers you a loan. You must make the payments over a particular period that often carry fixed interest rates. 

If no lender offers you a loan, the company passes some limited contact information to other partners. This ensures you receive services for credit repair, debt relief, credit monitoring, etc. 


The services offered by Personal Loans® have no hidden fees, obligations, and upfront costs. You do not even have to pay to submit a loan request. Moreover, you can review your loan offers before accepting funds. The online form is very easy to fill in, and you can connect to loan providers within minutes. 

You can use Personal Loans for emergencies, business start-ups, home improvement, unexpected bills, or family vacations. 

The company has a vast network of lenders as well as third-party loan providers. So, you can browse through the list of lenders offering competitive rates before making a choice.


  • Free services
  • Encrypted technology to protect personal info
  • Available at any time 
  • Offers loans up to $3,500
  • No obligation to accept offers
  • Fast and straightforward loan processing
  • You can receive the funding within one business day


  • May not be helpful for short-term loans with small amounts 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans® for the Best Discount

How We Made This Emergency Loan List

Selecting the right platform for your loan requirements is crucial to avoid malpractices. Here are some factors you should consider while choosing your loan provider:

It is essential to know a company’s reputation before committing to it. This article has recommendations of lenders with great reviews for customer service and care. Moreover, you can also find all of the Better Business Bureau registered companies here.

Every lender mentioned in this article accepts borrowers with a credit score as low as 600. Some lenders also consider scores below this range.

Time plays a significant role in all emergencies. Therefore, all of the suggested platforms will finance you within one to two working days.

It is essential to commit to a company that is transparent about its fees and policies. All of the lenders on this list disclose their policies and fees, as the last thing you need is a surprise in your finances.

A Guide to Emergency Loans with Bad Credit

You can qualify for a loan in less than an hour and have the money in your bank account by the next working day thanks to online lending networks. This is a simple procedure that does not need excellent credit. 

Users with a poor credit score can find a loan option with relatively lower interest rates compared to those offered by a credit card cash advance, a title loan, or a subprime loan. 

There are some crucial aspects you need to know before getting an emergency loan. Here are some factors you need to consider before seeking loans with a bad credit score. 

  • An Application Does Not Mean a Guaranteed Offer

This rule applies to people with good credit as well. Lenders often have a disclaimer on their website saying you cannot apply for an emergency loan and always expect an offer.

  • Inquiries Do Not Hurt Your Credit Score

Many loan providers allow you to browse and monitor different rates without a thorough credit check. It never hurts to research every option carefully. 

  • Send Supporting Documents Without Delay

The faster you submit your paperwork and get it to the lender, the quicker you will get the funding you require. So, try to be as quick as possible.

  • Be Careful About Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans have higher APRs. However, they include the probability of you losing your collateral (for example, a car) if you cannot pay back the loan. 

  • Pick a Fixed Rate of Interest

Choose a fixed rate of interest whenever possible. Borrowers with bad credit have to pay higher interest rates, and that is (unfortunately) a constant in the market. However, every lender has an option of fixed-rate. With this option, you do not have to worry about your interest rate rising with market fluctuations. 

Things to Consider Before Getting Started To Take Emergency Cash Online

It would be best if you looked at a company’s reputation before asking for money.

You can do this by reading customer reviews on the company’s website and other public forums. They are one of the best ways to ensure a company’s authenticity. You can also look at feedback from bloggers, content creators, critics, etc. 

You should also consider the funding speed to see if you can get the cash in your account immediately. With thorough research, you will be more likely to get better and faster service. 

Moreover, the company needs to be transparent about its policies and services. It would be best if you also were informed about any additional fees required. 

Emergency Loan Requirements

After choosing a platform, visit the company’s official website, and it will direct you to a short request form for a loan. You will need to fill out some standard identifying information such as the following:

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Email ID 
  • Phone number 
  • Social security number
  • Income information 
  • Reason for your requested loan 

The website will then forward your request to their network of lenders. You will receive an email notification when a loan provider accepts your request. 

If you get an offer you prefer, you will have to visit the lender’s website details to find the formal loan application. As soon as you finish the paperwork, the lender will start transferring funds to your linked bank account.

The money should be in your bank account by the following business day. Since every lender uses automated underwriting, you can submit a loan request at any time of the day from anywhere in the United States.

How to Get an Emergency Loan

The reason for requiring a loan may vary from user to user. However, there are a few established steps to apply for an emergency loan. Some of them are mentioned below:

Check Credit Score

Lenders do not always inform borrowers of their minimum credit score requirements.

For example, a lender might say they think a credit score of 500 or better is acceptable. However, a credit score of 500 or better does not guarantee loan approval any more than a score of 200 does.

Even those with excellent credit scores might fail to qualify for a loan if they are under a lot of debt or do not meet the income requirements of the loan. If you have a bad credit score, you need to follow the given steps. 

Financial Paperwork 

Lenders usually want proof of income. So, collect your financial documents. These would include:

  • Pay stubs
  • W-2s
  • 1099s
  • Copies of tax returns for the past couple of years
  • Recent bank statements
  • Employer’s contact information 
  • Proof of identity and residence (Driver’s license, State ID, Utility Bills)

Explain Your Situation 

It is best if you explain your emergency in writing. You can provide documents like job loss notifications or medical bills to support your statement. The point of this is to let the lenders know this is a one-time or rare event.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

Loan providers often consider your debt-to-income ratio along with your credit score. You can calculate the ratio of the sum of your monthly debt loan and monthly income. The sum of your monthly debt loan might include the following.

  • Student loans
  • Mortgage payments
  • Car payments
  • Child support

It is advisable to put less than 35% of your income towards debt.

Browse Around 

You should research options from lenders on the list and compare them. Moneylenders usually perform a “soft” credit check in the beginning. Soft credit checks do not affect your credit score. You will not face a “hard” credit check until you decide on an application.

However, you may want to minimize or avoid these credit checks, as they drop your credit score by a few points.

Read the Terms & Conditions

Before you sign for a loan, you need to read every single word of your offer letter. Ensure you are in a position to follow the policies and instructions of the offer on schedule. 


Many consumers think they should have traditional employment income to qualify for a personal loan, student loan, business loan, or credit card. This is not always the case. 

An online lender only requires you to show that you have sufficient income, reassuring them you are fit to repay your debt. The income source need not come from a traditional job.

Many lenders consider income from numerous sources such as the following.

  • Retirement accounts
  • Government benefits
  • Rental properties
  • Investments
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • An annuity
  • Student aid
  • Structured settlement

If you skip a credit check while applying for a loan, you have to pay a high-interest rate and additional fees to offset the risk the lender is taking.

Emergency Loans Without Credit Check 

You can qualify for an emergency loan without a credit check. However, this will require collateral for loan approval. It is an expensive and risky loan option. However, if you are set on it, here are some secured loans you can acquire without a credit check. 

Pawn Shop Loans

You will have to pawn a valuable item to acquire a loan. This loan will average between 25% to 60% of the pawned item’s value. If you cannot pay the loan on schedule, you will lose ownership of the collateral. 

Auto Title Loans

You will have to sign over your vehicle’s title for approval of this loan. If you stop paying, the lender will repossess the vehicle. 

With that said, some of the most common loans, like home loans and auto loans, are forms of secured debts. However, some secured loans prey on borrowers with bad credit, contributing to a vicious debt cycle. 

So, ensure you have read and understand the terms of any loan before signing legally bound paperwork. 

Payday Loan Options

Another option is to take a payday loan. However, you should try to avoid this one as much as possible. You might find them reasonable at first, as these have small loan amounts with short payment terms. 

However, their APRs are huge (ranging from 300% to 400%), and if you do not repay the debt by the end of the term, you will have to pay extra fees. 

In short, as long as you show proof of sufficient income to repay the debt within a month, these loans skip credit checks. You need to stay prepared to pay a hefty interest charge and penalties that will burn a hole in your pocket if you do not repay the loan on schedule.

This is how you can recognize a payday loan. 

  • The lender guarantees they will not run a credit check, as legitimate money lending services have a way to check your financial status.
  • The loan amounts are approximately $500 or less and easy to acquire without a lot of documentation or due diligence from your side.
  • APRs are high, ranging anywhere from 200% to 400%.
  • You have a short period to pay back the loan (weeks, not months). While a brief repayment period might seem to reduce your overall interest, it is unrealistic for customers to come up with the money so soon. You might end up in even more debt.

FAQs About Emergency Loans

Q. Where Can You Find Emergency Loans for Bad Credit?

Many lenders offer emergency loans to people having bad credit. Some of the most common options are the following. 

  • Credit unions
  • Online lenders
  • Credit card companies 
  • Traditional banks
  • Payday lenders
  • Friends and family

You need to stay cautious while borrowing money. For example, credit card companies that give you credit card cash advances are costly and may degrade your credit score.

It would be best if you avoided title and payday loans. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues a warning that an average two-week payday loan has a steep APR, almost equal to 400%.

Q. Does Taking an Emergency Loan Affect Your Credit Score?

Yes, some types of loans can impact your credit score, but others do not. It entirely depends on your credit report with TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian.

The loan will not impact your credit score if a lender does not report it to the credit bureaus. This is unless you default, and a collection agency puts in the debt to your credit reports. 

However, credit unions, banks, and online lenders usually report account data, while title lenders and payday lenders do not. How you manage the account determines if it will hurt or help your credit score when a lender reports your emergency loan with bad credit to a credit bureau.

Q. How Should You Choose an Emergency Loan?

When a loan provider gets a loan request, they usually check your credit score and report. After weighing their options, they decide if they can afford to loan you money. 

Similarly, you should do your research too. Always look at the pros and cons of financing options before borrowing money. Here are some questions you need to ask before choosing an emergency loan for bad credit:

  • Can you afford another monthly payment?
  • Does the provider give loans to customers with bad credit?
  • What is the charge/APR range for emergency loans?
  • Are there any additional fees you should look at?
  • How long will it take for you to repay the loan?
  • How will you receive the funds after qualifying?

Q. Are There Any Alternatives to Emergency Loans?

Emergency loans might offer temporary relief. However, getting buried under more debt may not be a good solution. Before filling out a loan request, you should look at your budget to ensure you can repay the money every month.

Additionally, if you realize the debt will extend, you should go for alternative approaches. Here are some emergency loan alternatives:

  • Temporarily look at making fewer payments on your credit cards
  • Try to negotiate hardship payment plans with creditors
  • Request an advance from your employer
  • Look for an advance paycheck from Earnin or other services

Q. How Much Are the Fees Charged by Loans?

Loan providers choose the fees they want to charge for specific services. This means some fees may be higher than others. 

It may not be possible for you to predict the exact fees for your loan offer, but here is a list of common fees:

  • Interest fees
  • Late payment fees
  • Loan application process fees
  • Prepayment penalties 

Ensure you ask all of the questions you have before signing any paperwork to know you are comfortable with the terms.

Q. Is 600 an Acceptable Credit Score?

FICO states that a score ranging between 600 to 660 is fair. However, do not be under the impression that this is a good credit score. 

If your credit score is under 600, even by a point, then it is said to be a poor score. Therefore, you can consider 600 as the minimum credit score. 

Q. How Much Can I Ask for with a Poor Credit Score?

Many online money lenders might give you up to $25,000 even if you have a poor credit score. However, they might ask you to pay hefty interest rates. So, you must look at how much money you need. 

For example, if you want $1,000, you should only ask for $1,000, nothing more. This is because the smaller the loan is, the easier it will be to get it approved. Additionally, the interest rates will also be lower. 

Q. Why Is Online Lending Better Than Conventional Lending?

There are multiple reasons to enlist for this. Online lending will help you request at numerous platforms from the comfort of your home. It will also save you from having to undergo multiple hard credit inquiries. 

These sites bring you comparatively acceptable interest rates as well. One of the best things about lending sources online is that their lenders give updates to your credit bureaus. These timely reports of your performance raise your overall credit score. 

Q. Are There Any Emergency Loans You Should Avoid?

Yes, there are a few emergency loans you need to avoid taking as much as possible. Here is a list for you: 

Payday loans are short-term and high-cost loans. Even if you have an emergency, taking a payday loan is a risky choice. Payday lenders ask you to pay fees that equate to APRs of 400%. They do not even check your credit scores or confirm your capability to repay the loan. 

However, they ask you for a blank check to get the money you have to repay or your bank account. Borrowers who cannot pay the loan by then usually borrow money again, making them indebted even more. 

A lender will estimate the value or price of your vehicle and then will offer to give you a percentage. If you end up accepting, the money provider will hold onto the car’s title, and you will get your loan. 

The money giver will not generally review your capability of repaying the loan and might charge APRs ranging from 200%-300%. Car title loans are unsafe, as the lender will be able to hold your car’s title. If you do not repay the loan, you will lose your vehicle. 

Pawn loans might have lower APRs than car title and payday loans, but they are still just as risky. The rates are above 100%, and you have a chance of losing something you value. 

With pawn loans, you will have to give your lender valuables to the pawnshop. After they look at the value, they will provide you with a loan depending on their assessment. You will have to repay the loan with interest to get your item back. 

If you can repay the loan, but it makes a huge hole in your pocket, you might end up going to the pawnshop again. 

  • No Credit Check Installment Loans

You need to be aware of online lenders who put themselves in the position of low-cost supplements to payday loans. However, they do not look at your credit. Some no credit check installment loans have similarities with auto-title and payday loans. 

These similarities include high-interest rates and additional fees to make the loans less reasonable than thought. Lenders like OppLoans and Rise give emergency loans with extended terms but with high rates of interest. 

You can look at these loan lenders only if you can rule out lower-cost supplements.

In Conclusion: What is the Top Emergency Loan Company for Bad Credit?

According to a Federal Reserve Study conducted in 2018, 40% of adults cannot cover a $400 emergency when needed. If you do not have money kept aside for emergency expenses, you may have to take an emergency loan. Our recommendation for you would be to try MoneyMutual due to their great customer service, variety of plans, and great reviews. 

However, if you want to start preparing for an emergency expense, here are some tips to consider. 

  • Monitor your expenditure
  • Create a budget according to your bills and expenditure 
  • Open an emergency savings account 
  • Make it a habit to save money

DISCLAIMER: Branded Voices features paid content from our marketing partners. Articles are not created by Native News Online staff. The views and opinions expressed in the Branded Voices are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Native News Online or its ownership. Any content provided by our bloggers or authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.

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Best Debt Consolidation Loans of 2021 Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:10:09 +0000 We know you are in debt! No more wasting time while reading articles that ask you whether you need loans because the fact that you are searching for “best debt consolidation loans” strongly implies that you need one. This may have been due to some unfortunate circumstances, and therefore now you might be highly under […]]]>

We know you are in debt!

No more wasting time while reading articles that ask you whether you need loans because the fact that you are searching for “best debt consolidation loans” strongly implies that you need one.

This may have been due to some unfortunate circumstances, and therefore now you might be highly under pressure, extremely exhausted, and falling down a spiral of darkness and despair. Going from one bank to another only to be burdened with more paperwork and be introduced to a plethora of forms that need filling out.

First of all, we applaud you for your strength to keep searching in the hopes of finding something worthwhile, and second, we come bearing the great news that the hard parts are over, and it only gets better from here on up. (Or down since you have to scroll)

Finding a trustworthy source that will make your current situation easier is the actual goal. We aim to make the grueling process of debt consolidation much easier by providing you with the four best debt consolidation loan companies that link you with lenders online.

How is that different from what you had already been doing, you may ask?

Well, firstly everything is online. You won’t have to worry about looking presentable and pretending like your life is perfect, whereas, in reality, it’s not. You don’t have to run tirelessly after lenders, pleading for loan approval or talking about your credit card debt. Instead, they’ll come running after you! Amazing, isn’t it?

We know but wait, there’s more. All you need is to be a US resident above eighteen and have a valid phone number. Job done.

So, say goodbye to ever piles of loan applications and continue reading to find out how our top picks can give a helping hand and pull you out from the darkness while you relax in the comfort of your home in your pajamas.

Top 4 Debt Consolidation Loans For September 2021:

  1. MoneyMutual – Best Overall Debt Consolidation Loan
  2. BadCreditLoans – Best For Bad Credit
  3. CashUSA – Best Customer Service
  4. Personal Loans – Best For Peer-To-Peer Lending

#1. Money Mutual – Best Overall Debt Consolidation Loan


MoneyMutual is a free online marketplace created in 2010 in Los Angeles to facilitate the connection of borrowers with short-term lenders and is by far the best platform for debt consolidation loans. The site’s ultimate focus is to streamline and simplify the approvals for short-term loans while also providing a secured environment for people looking for a quick injection of cash.

According to the Economic Well-Being of US Households report, approximately four out 0f ten families in the United States are incapable of raising even 400$ while countering any emergency situation. Therefore, MoneyMutual feels its responsibility to give people a solution for resolving financial difficulties that life may offer.

The site makes it simple to connect with multiple lenders instantly while also providing training resources to help users better comprehend the loans they are looking for.

On a regular basis, a considerable percentage of the population requires financial assistance to cope with everyday life’s issues such as having a bad credit score. And finding a good and reliable lender at that point can be very time-consuming and frustrating. In this situation, MoneyMutual can be your go-to marketplace, where the lending process is quick, safe, and hassle-free.


The first step towards the easiest lending method is to fill out a simple form available on the official website. After providing basic information for eligibility like your age (above 18), your residence (US citizenship), and your income (at least 800 dollars), your request is then routed for review.

Lenders rapidly analyze your information to see if they want to collaborate with you. To make a choice, each lender has its own set of criteria. If a lender chooses to deal with you, you will be sent to their website to complete forms, check debt consolidation loan terms, and accept the loan.

MoneyMutual is totally free of cost. It serves as a link between borrower and lender, rather than being a lender itself, so it is not responsible for the conditions set between you and your lender. Each lender charges a different interest rate, ranging from 5.99% to 35.99 % annual percentage rate (APR).

The website has more than 82 lenders who provide loans between $5000 to $35000. Each lender has its own terms and conditions and repayment policy.

Lenders offer a number of financial solutions to help clients meet their financial responsibilities, including short-term loans, cash advance loans, payday advances, installment loans, personal loans, lines of credit, title loans, and auto equity loans.

But it is always advisable to go through each term and condition before making a contract. If both parties agree, the money is then transferred to your bank account within 24 hours. Simple!


  • The whole process of money lending is swift and very simple.
  • The website is very straight and easy to navigate.
  • MoneyMutual is totally free of cost.
  • It connects you with above 82 lenders who can approach you within minutes.
  • The site is very secure and reliable, so no need to worry about your personal info.
  • The approval process is pretty quick and easy.


  • Only people in the USA are eligible for taking loans.
  • If something goes wrong, MoneyMutual gives no protection.
  • You need to have 800$ income if you need a loan through MoneyMutual.

User Experience

MoneyMutual has earned its users’ trust over time by offering safe, secure, and quick loans. Numerous consumers have expressed their gratitude that the company was a blessing during difficult times.

MoneyMutual distinguishes itself from the competition due to its incredibly speedy approach, which allows you to receive immediate assistance in an emergency situation without having to worry about scams or fraud.

Additionally, people lauded the company’s free service, which is also trustworthy and free of hassle. Consumers disclose their information with total confidence, knowing that they are in safe hands.

Therefore, if you are in desperate need of fast cash, MoneyMutual may be your lifesaver.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoans – Best For Bad Credit

BadCreditLoans - Best For Bad Credit


BadCreditLoans is another reputable platform after MoneyMutual that provides a complimentary service that links borrowers to a vast network of reputable lenders and finance companies.

BadCreditLoans is not a direct lender, but it has been in the business of assisting individuals with their financial needs since 1998. They simplify the process for customers to secure loans online.

The organization began by integrating tribal loans, peer-to-peer lending networks, and traditional lenders together. But over time, they have expanded to offer personal and installment loans to borrowers with various credit kinds throughout the United States.

Suppose they are unable to find a lender within their network who could offer you a loan. In that case, they may show you advertisements of alternative lenders from their trusted sources and connect you to other suitable offers such as credit score repair and debt relief.

Apart from lending services, BadCreditLoans is involved in charity activities and other noteworthy events. Additionally, you can obtain information from the news section of their official website about recent frauds that may exist.

The organization will never cease its efforts to make sure that you may always get an easy, rapid, and safe loan regardless of your credit score.


Many American families cannot afford a spotless spending history, especially now. When you are already living a frugal life, an unexpected auto repair or a medical emergency can throw your budget and spending strategy off track.

BadCreditLoans provides a debt consolidation loan of up to $10,000 with a simple repayment schedule. Loan products typically have a minimum repayment term of 90 days and a maximum repayment duration of 72 months (6 years). The whole process is very convenient and swift.

To be eligible, you must be over the age of 18, a resident of the United States, have a steady source of income, a bank account in your name, and basic prerequisites, such as telephone number and valid email address.

To begin, simply fill out an online form on the website. Their online application process makes it quite simple to determine your loan eligibility. You will receive loan offers from lenders and financial service providers within minutes after completing the form.

Receiving a pre-approval email of a loan from a lender might overwhelm you with happiness, but don’t let that affect your decision. Consider all the pros and cons of the terms and conditions proposed by the lender and only accept the offer if it suits you best. Once all goes well, you might have your loan money in your bank account within 24 hours.

Certain lending partners on BadCreditLoans may also be willing to lend to persons with bad credit score, though the terms and conditions will not be as favorable as for those with good credit score.

BadCreditLoan was created to match you with an appropriate lender. Not to assist you personally with upcoming decisions, therefore, consider yourself on your own and responsibly repay the loan money. Because if you default, your credit score will be damaged, and the platform won’t take responsibility for that, of course.


  • The process of applying for a loan is very simple, as you get connected with lenders within minutes.
  • If you cannot find a suitable lender in their network, the company will show you ads of other lenders.
  • You will have your loan amount in one business day.
  • The lenders there even have offers for people with bad credit score.
  • To ensure safe and secure information, the company uses modern encryption technologies.
  • The whole process is very straightforward and rapid.


  • The business is not certified by the Better Business Bureau.
  • The yearly percentage rate is extremely high, starting at 5.99 percent.

User Experience

Because of BadCreditLoan’s credibility and quick response time, a large number of users have placed their trust in the company over the years. People are pleased with their secure, hassle-free service, which is also provided at no charge.

Another noteworthy characteristic, according to customers, is that they also have offers for persons with bad credit scores.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA – Best Customer Service

CashUSA - Best Customer Service


CashUSA is one of the most reputable online providers for cash loans in the United States. Among other abundant firms advertising cash loan choices, provides the secure, simple, and rapid service necessary to locate a personal loan that suits you.

The firm’s lending network comprises both tribal and state lenders. Tribal lenders may charge higher rates than state-licensed lenders, and they are governed by tribal law rather than state law.

CashUSA is not a lender; they act as a facilitator between you and a lender. This allows you to borrow between $500 and $10,000 at an interest rate between 5.99 % and 35.99 % annual percentage rate (APR).

They have a massive network of lenders and additional third-party lenders who will analyze your information and decide whether to provide you a loan. CashUSA is a popular alternative for persons with below-average credit who may be unable to obtain a standard bank loan.

CashUSA recognizes the critical nature of ensuring the security of online transactions. As a result, they protect your personal data using industry-standard encryption.


CashUSA works in the same way as most of the other online marketplaces. Their loan request process involves two simple steps.

To begin, you must complete a brief form that requests basic information about your age, monthly income, residence, phone number, and email address.

To be entitled to a loan, you must meet the company’s eligibility requirements. This includes being at least 18 years old, a US resident, earning at least $1000 per month, having a checking account in your name, and having a valid email address and phone number (s).

Following that, the firm forwards the information to an extensive network of lenders and third-party lenders for review. If the lender decides to grant you a loan, you will have the opportunity to study the loan’s terms and conditions.

The Lending Partner with whom you have been associated will be displayed only once you confirm your information. If everything goes smooth and you accept the offer, you’ll be sent to the Lending Partner’s website to learn more about their T&Cs and services.

If both parties agree on all the terms, you will be required to electronically sign the lender’s contract. Rest assured that the payments will be transferred into your account within one working day.

The loan repayment method of CashUSA is also pretty convenient and hassle-free as on the due day, your loan repayment can be automatically deducted from your bank account, so no need to run to the bank in fear of late fee charges.


  • The loan approval process is easy and straightforward.
  • The service is totally free of cost.
  • You get connected with a large network of lenders.
  • Repayment methods are very convenient and free of hassle.
  • You can have your loan within 24 hours.
  • The process is very secure and safe.


  • The company requests too much personal information, which may not be acceptable to some people.

User Experience

Users seem to be highly grateful for the straightforward process of borrowing money because it saves them from the hassle of applying for loans from bank to bank and makes it easier for them to get debt consolidation loans at their convenience.

Additionally, the website includes an education center area containing all of the necessary information on your financial problems, making it quite simple and beneficial for users.

Thus, under one roof, you can obtain important information as well as a lender from whom you can borrow money.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#4. Personal Loans – Best For Peer-To-Peer Lending

Personal Loans - Best For Peer-To-Peer Lending


Personal Loans is a platform for individuals to obtain peer-to-peer, bank, and installment loans. These funds can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including significant purchases, rent, taxes, holidays, medical operations, home maintenance, and debt consolidation.

It is an online system that enables you to apply for a loan of up to $35,000 from the comfort of your home or workplace or even via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

The company’s straightforward online method connects clients with possible lenders or loan partners; remember, they do not lend the money themselves.

First of all, the platform tries to find you a suitable lender from its lending network. However, if no lender is willing to lend you money, you may be offered credit card debt relief, credit restoration, credit monitoring, or other relevant services from their third-party sources.

Another aspect that distinguishes PersonalLoans from the competition is their obligation-free rate quotations. While the majority of other organizations want your bank details in order to proceed, PersonalLoan does not.

That way, you can get a sense of the types of offers you might receive without disclosing your personal information. That is a significant advantage you can avail yourself of by opting for Personal Loans.


The process of applying for a loan through Personal Loans is pretty seamless. Just three simple steps, and you’re all done!

In the first step, you have to fill out a simple form from their official website, submitting basic requirements just like all the other companies. You will be asked some simple questions like, how old are you? Do you have a social security number? Do you have an active account in your name? how much do you earn in a month etc.

The next phase occurs quickly after submitting your request; the company then processes your online loan application using a patented algorithm that connects borrowers and lenders.

Within minutes, you start receiving proposals from lenders. The charm of Personal Loans is how quickly the process is completed.

Once you get offers from lenders, you will have to carefully read each term to make things work for both of you. Until this point, you are not under any obligation until you electronically sign the contract. Once you agree to the terms and conditions and sign the contract, you might get your loan in the next 24 hours.

PersonalLoans makes every effort to match you with a lender who meets your requirements. Therefore, the high chances are that you’ll be connected to a lender specializing in your loan type, whether you are looking for a large or small loan or flexible payback terms.

The platform works free of cost, but every lender has its own terms, conditions, and APR, which must be between 5.99% to 35.99%.

The company’s repayment policy is very convenient. Once the loan is approved, you have between 90 days to 72 weeks to repay your loan according to your contract with the lender.


  • The process is very convenient and straightforward.
  • You can have payment in one business day.
  • You can repay within 72 months.
  • Your personal information is completely secure.
  • The loan limit is up to $35000
  • There is a large network of lenders.


  • It might happen that you won’t get approval from any lenders because of poor credit scores.

User Experience

Consumers really appreciate their user-friendly process as each stage and inquiry is addressed in detail. This inculcates confidence and a sense of security in PersonalLoans as if someone were guiding us through the entire procedure.

The company uses advanced data encryption technology to ensure the security of your personal information. This gives people peace of mind and allows you to apply for a loan with confidence and within the comfort of your own home.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

Benefits Of Debt Consolidation Loan

  • It Will Simplify Your Finances

Merging multiple debts into a single but bigger one is what we call consolidation of debt. This strategy simplifies the complications of making multiple repayments.

Your liabilities like credit card debts, auto loans, student loans, medical debt, or any other, which you are obliged to pay on consecutive dates, just one after another, can certainly be a  permanent pain to deal with. This is where debt consolidation gives us a sigh of relief.

It enables you to concentrate on a single loan, though a bigger one; it’s still better than juggling multiple loan installments at a time.

  • It’ll Save You From Hefty Interest Rates

High interest rates on unsecured loans, particularly from credit cards, keep on multiplying your debt.

You can decrease this huge burden of interest through a debt consolidation loan as lenders from the platforms mentioned above offer competitive interest rates, which are way lower as compared to the sum of interest rates you individually pay for different loans.

Also, remember, interest rates depend upon your credit score. With an excellent credit score (which is 720-to 850), the interest rate ranges from 4-20%. Whereas the ones holding poor credit reports have to pay 15-36% APR on the borrowed loan.

  • It Will Take Away Your Stress

Having to make debt repayments, one after another creates constant financial pressure, which can stress you out. So, consolidation of debt makes you feel at ease in a way that you don’t have to make calculations for each payment individually.

You become certain that you have to make a single payment, though a big amount, but once a month.  Hence, with peace of mind, you can plan to pay the single installment of the loan timely.

Things To Consider Before Going For A Debt Consolidation Loan With Bad Credit Score

Before you finalize a lender for your debt consolidation loan, make sure to consider the following important points in order to save yourself from making a wrong decision.

On submitting your loan request, you’ll start receiving multiple offers. The chances are that you might think of the very first offer as the best one and opt for it hastily, but STOP right there! That can be a blunder. Why? Because you might be thinking of it as the most favorable one, without knowing that an even better option might pop up.

In a nutshell, take your time and let the offers keep coming in. During that time, try another platform too and see what it has to offer. Since none of the above lending platforms charge you for submitting a request, you should take complete advantage of that to explore and find the most suited option for yourself.

  • Pay Attention To Your Credit Score

The better the credit score, the lower the interest rate.

Despite the fact that lenders entertain even the ones with poor credit scores, you should try to improve it before going for a loan. This way, you’ll be saved from having to pay hefty interest rates.

You can do so by making your payments on time, cutting down extra expenses, and refraining from pulling out new credit cards. Or else, you can seek help from credit repair companies.

If your poor credit score has hindered you from qualifying for a debt consolidation loan, another option that you can consider is a secured loan – one that requires collateral.

This means you’ll have to put up something like your vehicle or house as security, the value of which should be equivalent to the loan you have taken.

Not only that it’s easy to qualify for these loans, but also, they come at a much lower interest rate. But, don’t forget that if you default, you’ll lose the item you’ve put up as collateral.

  • Choose A Lender Carefully

As mentioned earlier, all of the above-reviewed platforms serve as a link between the borrower and lender only; they step aside as soon as direct contact establishes between you and a lender. Therefore, you’re on your own then, and you must choose a lender wisely.

Don’t rush, and review the terms and conditions precisely. Lo0k out for any red flags, such as the lender pressurizing you to accept the offer or offering you an interest rate that doesn’t match your credit report’s condition.

Also, go for a lender that offers flexible terms and conditions and prompt transfer of funds.

Always save up some amount so that if you’re in the middle of repaying your loan and any unfortunate incident like a medical emergency upsets your budget, you’re still able to pay the loan installment on the due date without being late and getting subjected to any penalty fees.

How To Get A Debt Consolidation Loan? – Steps To Follow

Step 1

Get your credit report and see what category you lie in. If you have a credit score that is 670 or above, it means you’re in the favorable category. But if you have a credit score lower than that, it means you’ll be subjected to high-interest rates.

If your situation is not that dire, wait a bit more and look out for ways to fix your credit score to save yourself from having to pay exorbitant interest rates.

Step 2

Layout a debt consolidation loan plan. Write down all the points that you have in mind regarding the loan and debt. For example, how much do you want to borrow? What repayment terms do you prefer?

Let’s say you can not afford to pay larger amounts each month; you can go for a long-term repayment schedule that will allow you to pay smaller amounts. But, if you want to come out of debt sooner, you can go for a repayment plan that will oblige you to pay larger amounts in a shorter time span.

Once you have figured out what’s best for you, hop on to the next step.

Step 3

Now that you’ve planned it all out, it’s time to shop around and look for various loan options. As mentioned earlier in our section above, take your time with this decision. Don’t choose the very first lender that reaches out. Instead, submit loan requests via different platforms.

The above-reviewed loan lending platforms can help you out even if you have a bad credit score. But, if you don’t prefer this option, you can go for bank loans too. However, to qualify for those loans, you’ll need to have a reasonably good credit score.

If none of that works for you, consider borrowing some amount from your relatives, but remember, a loan is a loan, and you should stick to your commitment even if you’re taking it from your family member or a friend. This option will save you from any kind of credit inquiry and unreasonable interest rate but will put your relationship at stake.

Step 4

Now shortlist your options and go with the one that suits you best. Review the terms and conditions in detail – do not make a mistake here. Once you finalize the contract, provide additional information, and give your e-consent, there’ll be no turning back.

With platforms like Money Mutual and Cash USA, you can get your funds within one business day without any fuss.

Pro tip: Once you receive the loan money, pay the debt right away before any other financial crisis shows up. Even if, in most unfortunate circumstances, anything like that happens, never use the loan money to overcome that situation; it will worsen things.

Step 5

Found the right lender? got the loan? Now it’s time to plan out repayments. This is the most crucial step. A mistake here can mess up things for you. Therefore, curb down all the unnecessary expenses and focus on repaying your loan primarily. To avoid getting late on payments, simply set up auto payments.

Manage Your Funds Responsibly

Getting a consolidation loan does not matter much; what matters is how do you plan to manage it seriously and responsibly so that you may not have to look for another loan to repay the consolidation loan.

Following are simple yet essential points that you should keep in mind after you have received your loan money.

Layout A Budget

Right from the day your consolidation loan has been sanctioned and the funds have been credited to your account, you need to make budgetary allocations to ensure the on-time payment of the loan’s monthly installment.

Make a forecast budget for the month as to how many payments you have to make. You can avail yourself of the facility of the consolidation loan only if your current monthly expenditures allow you; otherwise, it will not be beneficial for you.

Do Not Use The Loan Money For Any Other Purpose

It will be an out-of-frying-pan into fire situation for you if you don’t use the funds for the purpose you have borrowed them for. So, don’t even think about utilizing your money somewhere else other than for repaying your debt.

Stay On Track With Automatic Payments

Missing a payment is not what you’ll want right after you’ve got on track with your debt consolidation plan; therefore, to be on the safer side, don’t forget to set up automatic payments.

Not only that it’ll save you from missing a payment, but also, you’ll not have to worry about keeping track of your due date, as the amount will be automatically fetched from your bank account.

Last but not least, it will also help you improve your credit score as lenders report your performance to credit bureaus. So, timely payments will boost your credit score and vice versa.

Spend Wisely

Now you must realize that analyzing your expenditures and limiting or expanding them according to your budget is the only thing that can save you from debt. If you can’t afford luxuries, don’t be lured by others who can. Make wise decisions, spend only where necessary, and look out for ways to diversify your income sources.

Also, recall all the decisions that you made in the past which messed up your finances, and plan out ways not to repeat those mistakes.

FAQs Regarding Debt Consolidation Loans

  • What Should I Do If I Can Handle My Debt Situation On My Own?

The best solution is to go for debt counseling. This way, you’ll have an expert to talk to your creditors on your behalf.

Not only will it perform the job of mediator between you two and help you get a loan on reduced interest rates and flexible repayment terms, but also, you’ll be able to improve your credit score drastically.

  • When Should I Go For A Debt Consolidation Loan?

If various high-interest loans have piled up and you have a bad credit score, too, it’s high time you should go for a debt consolidation loan.

  • Does A Debt Consolidation Loan Affect Your Credit Score?

Yes and No. At first, you’ll notice a decline in your credit score because of the hard credit check the lender will pull in order to approve your loan but don’t fret! It’s just for the time being, as long as you do not default on payments.

The lenders will regularly report your timely payments to different credit bureaus, and consequently, your credit score will be boosted.

  • What Are The Cons Of Debt Consolidation Loans?

Debt consolidation loans don’t guarantee that you’ll never fall back. In fact, until you have paid all of your loan installments, you’re at risk of damaging your credit score if you fail to make timely repayments.

  • How Is Debt Settlement Different From Debt Consolidation?

The function of both debt settlement and debt consolidation is the same – debt relief. However, the functioning varies. With debt settlement, you can lessen the total debt amount you owe to your creditors, while debt consolidation works to lower the numbers of creditors you owe money to.

  • Which One Is The Better Option? Debt Settlement Or Debt Consolidation?

We’d recommend debt consolidation and not debt settlement. The reason being that debt settlement leaves its marks on your credit report, such as the “settled” status, which is considered negative.

  • What Makes Debt Counseling A Good Option?

The biggest benefit of debt counseling is that it saves you from your creditor’s legal action. Not to mention that credit counselors help you responsibly manage your finances/debts. They also make sure that you never miss a payment.

Final Thoughts

Being head over heels drowned in debt can be very stressful. What adds to this stress is not finding a suitable solution to quickly come out of the deadly situation.

Not to mention the fact that over time, the circumstances become drier and drier to deal with. And we understand every bit of it.

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled everything you need to know to make things easier for you. So, don’t waste any more time and make a wise decision right away. Our personal favorite platforms are MoneyMutual and BadCreditLoans.

Although these debt consolidation loans can fix your problem, yet the crucial thing is to focus on the factors that put you in trouble in the first place. Without focusing on them, you won’t be able to root out the cause, and the chances are that you might become a debt victim again.

For tips on how to manage your finances, don’t forget to check our “Manage Your Funds Responsibly” section.

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Emergency Loans For Bad Credit Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:10:06 +0000 Anyone of us can face financial instability or distress when we least expect it. The problem gets even more complicated if you do not have any savings on the side yet you have urgency for funds. When applying for traditional loans, banks and financial institutions often look at technical aspects such as credit scores and […]]]>

Anyone of us can face financial instability or distress when we least expect it. The problem gets even more complicated if you do not have any savings on the side yet you have urgency for funds. When applying for traditional loans, banks and financial institutions often look at technical aspects such as credit scores and credit histories.

The problem occurs when your credit score or credit history won’t allow you to qualify for a loan. This is a common occurrence among many low-income individuals who find themselves struggling to get themselves out of sticky financial situations. Fortunately for them, they can harness the power of the internet to apply for emergency loans.

Emergency Loan For Bad Credit – With Very High Approval

Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit – Top 5 List

A quick search for “emergency loans for bad credit” will yield hundreds if not thousands of results. However, this market is filled with lenders who practice predatory loan tactics to target unsuspecting applicants. To make sure that you get to choose from the most reliable brokers and lenders for accessing emergency loans, we have come up with a brief list of the best payday loan providers.

  • Viva Payday Loans – Best for urgent emergencies, cash in 15 mins
  • Money Lender Squad – Best for wide range of loan options
  • Heart Paydays – Best for quick decisions with no hassle
  • Credit Clock – Best for no phonecalls and no paperwork
  • Very Merry Loans – Best for higher loan amounts

How We Rated & Reviewed the Best Providers

The online payday and emergency loan markets are booming at the moment which has also attracted a large number of fraudulent entities. There have been cases where unsuspecting applicants have been duped out of money through scam payday lenders and brokers. If you are new to this market, it can get difficult to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent brokers and lenders. Some scam lenders even go as far as copying a legitimate website and faking customer reviews to appear more legitimate.

When reviewing and rating the different payday loan providers, we have decided to focus on two major aspects, the APR and the loan approval rate.


The APR annual percentage rate refers to the total cost of taking out the loan. This includes interest to be paid as well as any fees for application and processing. APRs for payday loans are typically higher than traditional loans.

Approval Rate

We have also taken into account the loan approval rate which includes the time taken for the loan to be credited to the applicants’ account.

Credit Flexibility

Other factors we have taken into consideration include credit flexibility and transparency. All the payday lenders in the above list approve loans based not on credit checks or credit history but on financial stability.


Transparency is also a big factor as payday lenders need to show full transparency and disclosure as they ask for extensive financial and personal information.

Emergency Payday Loans – Best 5 Reviewed

1. Viva Payday Loans

Viva payday loans is an easy and quick loan provider service that helps people with any credit score (mostly low) to apply for an emergency loan which is processed quickly. The company behind Viva Payday Loans is known as Payday Ventures Ltd and they do not influence the approval process for any loan application.


This platform simply connects borrowers who are in immediate need of finances with direct lenders who independently choose to accept loan applications, making the entire process quite straightforward. Borrowers can expect to get anywhere between $100 and $5000 on loans from the right lenders found on Viva Payday Loans.

The repayment period for such loans starts from 90 days up to 6 months which is sufficient for most people. The APR offered by this platform to its users is 5.99% to 35.99% depending on the loan amount. Therefore, in case one needs a quick solution such as emergency same day loans from a legitimate broker then Viva Payday Loans is a great option.


  • Emergency loans for unemployed without verification
  • 100% appreciation online
  • The search tool is free to use
  • Offers best interest rates
  • Same day payout of loan is available
  • Applying for a loan is quick


  • Lenders draw loan agreements that might include difficult terms.

Customer reviews and ratings

Viva Payday Loans are not only a trustworthy platform that has been active for quite some time within the market, but it has gathered a strong following by offering fast-processing loans. Customers of Viva Payday Loans appreciate the features and usefulness of this platform. All of this has made Viva Payday Loans a credible place with returning clients who refer it to their friends and families.

2. Money Lender Squad

Money Lender Squad is a loan provider platform where you can get emergency loans for bad credit without any guarantors and paperwork. The Money Lender Squad opens a new and risk-free path for those who need an emergency loan at low APR from a trustworthy source without having to go through complex procedures.


Instant approvals for loans that do not require guarantors are what make Money Lender Squad different from other alternative loan providers available online. No credit check is performed for borrowers who apply for a loan that they can quickly repay within the allotted period.

The money lender squad specifically focuses on affordability and ensures that no hard credit check is done so that a borrower can easily fill in and submit their loan application without any worries. Their quick loans can be repaid within 60 days to a total of 24 months. Lenders are given a chance to decide which applicant to select.


  • Uses automated system for 0 errors and less waiting time
  • Guarantors not needed
  • Loan terms are extended
  • No credit checks
  • Quick online application


  • APR varies from 36% to 400% depending on credit score

Customer reviews and ratings

The overall position of the money lender squad is satisfactory. People do love to use this platform when money is tight and they do not have a good credit score to take the help of a traditional bank or a financial institution. But the fact that APR could vary depending on borrowers’ credit score is a bit of bad news for people who do not want their credit score to be considered at all. But since approval takes less than a few moments after a lender accepts a loan application, this platform is admired by its customers.

3. Credit Clock

If you are looking for a short-term and credible solution for your financial troubles whether it is a payday or an emergency loan then the Credit Clock is a great option to consider.


Credit Clock has been a well-known short-term loan provider that approves loans quickly for years. In case of any financial emergency when people do not have time to waste and are in dire need of some funds, credit clock’s reputed lenders have come forward to help via its one-of-a-kind platform.

It takes only five minutes to apply for an emergency loan on a bad credit using the easy-to-follow interface offered by Credit Clock. All that one has to do to ensure approval of their loan application is to be mindful of the details that they put in the application before clicking on submit. After that, you must wait to receive a quick response from the provider regarding application approval and loan payout. The entire process takes about a day only.


  • Eligibility relies on affordability
  • Borrowers must be at least 18 years of age
  • Bad credit borrowers are allowed
  • The simple and fast application process


  • Minimum earning should be $1000

Customer reviews and ratings

Credit Clock approves loans within 2 minutes of applying in case the applicant fulfills all the criteria required by the loan providers and associated lenders namely, OppLoans and GreenDay. Proving $1000 in income could be difficult for most people who wish to get an emergency loan but it’s necessary to loan funds to eligible people.

4. Very Merry Loans

Taking out a short-term loan especially when you have limited options online can be very stressful. But certain loan providers make it easy to connect with a lender directly and have your financial emergency solved within 24 hours. Very Merry Loans is a trusted platform where people get the opportunity to make their own choices.


The Very Merry Loans platform came into existence in the year 2013 as a non-charging broker that would help its clients to connect with lenders without any fees. The company was paid commission from the lenders whenever a successful connection was made through the platform. The company adheres to the rules and regulations of the FCA according to its website.

The company is registered in England, Wales and it is headquartered in London where it operates through the license obtained by Information Commissioner’s Office. Very Merry Loans services allow it to help borrowers in different situations. They have flexible and all-inclusive loan offers to help out individuals who have a bad credit score.


  • High chances of approval
  • Loan limits above average
  • Services open during bank holidays
  • FCA-approved loan provider


  • No guarantees on borrowing costs

Customer reviews and ratings

It works for borrowers living in the UK who wish to take a loan without going through the tedious traditional route. While the chances of loan approvals are satisfactory, you also get to access loans worth $100 up to $2000. Once you put the query on the site, it gives you multiple quotes from one of the best lenders out there. Customers do not like the fact that this provider emphasizes verifying the source of income of borrowers.

5. Heart Paydays

Heart Paydays platform is a famously used loan provider in the US that welcomes borrowers without any upfront costs and a simple interface that allows one to make correct financial decisions. Applicants must fill up an application to proceed with the loan approval process. All FICO scores are considered on heart paydays.


The inconvenience of the process involving online loan application is minimal on the heart paydays platform because it offers a straightforward way to obtain the required financial support one needs from trustworthy lenders. Applying for bad credit emergency loans for unemployed people takes just a few minutes.

Once submitted, the form along with all the details is shared with direct lenders who choose to approve and disburse loans ideally within an hour. You can simply check out their website and fill out the form with your personal details without breaking a sweat.


  • Best known for low APR
  • No paperwork required
  • No phone calls needed
  • Flexible repayment schedule


  • Some loan offers are expensive

Customer reviews and ratings

People who are interested in emergency loans are mostly in a troubling situation where they need immediate help from a reliable source. People love the Heart Paydays platform because it serves people who are unemployed, living on benefits, or simply have bad credit. It does not require paying a middleman to simply get in touch with dependable lenders like LendUp and ACE Cash.

What is an Emergency Loan For Bad Credit?

An emergency loan refers to a type of personal loan that you can use to finance sudden unforeseen expenses. This can range from medical bills, education expenses, or even cash crunches while planning for a memorable event. It usually comes with a short-term which can range from a few weeks to 6 months and are meant for individuals that do have less than perfect credit records.

Because of this, emergency loans usually carry with them high amounts of interest. While it is always advised that you should set aside some cash for emergency purposes, emergency loans can just as well help you to recover from a bad financial situation. Emergency same-day loans can be used in scenarios such as your car breaking down, paying your utility bills, and any sudden medical expenses.

Types of Emergency Loans With Bad Credit

Emergency loans can be of several types with some of the most popular forms described in brief below.

Short Term Payday Loans

Payday loans, also known as payday advance, small-dollar loans, and cash advance loans which are generally unsecured in nature and come with high interest rates. The basic payday loan process involves the lender providing a short-term unsecured loan to the borrower which is to be paid back at the borrower’s next payday. While some lenders conduct some form of verification of employment or income status, the vast majority do not conduct such checks. Online payday lenders allow consumers to complete the loan application online. The lender then transfers the fund by direct deposit to the borrower’s account.

Installment Loans Over 3-24 Months

This is a type of personal installment loan which has a slightly larger tenure at 3 to 24 months on some occasions. The lender provides the borrower with a pre-determined fixed amount that must be repaid according to the scheduled payment dates as specified in the loan’s terms and conditions. Each payment you make will contain a portion of the principal amount borrowed along with the interest on the debt. Some of the variables that determine each installment amounts include the interest rate charged, the length of the loan, and the total amount. Installment loans usually have monthly regular payments which are fixed, allowing you to better plan your finances to make the required payments.

Title Loans

Title loans are another popular form of an emergency loan, which is secured in nature unlike some of the other options available here. Lenders use your vehicles as collateral to provide you the loan. In case you are unable to repay the loan amount by the end of the stipulated period which can last for 30 days, the lender has the full legal right to repossess your car to settle the debt. Similar to payday loans, title loans also carry with them a high rate of interest. Choose a title loan only when you intend to borrow small amounts and have the capacity to repay the loan within a month.

Tribal Loans

Tribal loans are different than state-licensed ones as they are offered by lenders belonging to Native American tribes. This form of emergency loan can be an alternative to payday loans if you need some quick cash. However, the problem occurs with the laws and rules regarding tribal lending, as some tribal lenders claim independence from state and federal laws. As a result, they can charge much higher interest rates compared to state-licensed lenders. In extreme cases, the lender may be able to take you to court for defaulting on the loan.

Advantages of Emergency Loans For Bad Credit

Emergency online loans provide a quick and guaranteed way for less credit-worthy individuals to access lines of credit when all other options are closed for them. There are numerous reasons why consumers are enticed by the prospects of emergency loans, with some of them mentioned in brief below.

Simple applications

One of the biggest reasons why consumers choose emergency loans is the lack of paperwork involved. Online lenders provide very simple and straightforward loan applications that can be completed within mere minutes. It saves a lot of time and energy when compared to traditional loans which can involve a huge amount of paperwork and a lengthy application process. On the other hand, you will just need to provide some basic information and some evidence of your financial status to the lender. The lender contacts the borrower in case some additional information is required.

Quick and hassle-free transfer

Online emergency loan providers usually tend to approve and transfer the loan amount quickly compared to other loan forms. Some brokers and lenders can accept your application within 5 minutes and transfer the required loan amount within one working day. This however, depends on your bank account and whether or not your bank supports fast transfer methods.

Plenty of options

Thanks to the advent of internet technology, applying for loans online has become the new norm. The days of waiting for an application only to have it rejected are long gone. Compared to applying with lenders individually, consumers are now more than willing to collaborate and ask for a loan with an online lender because of the easy process. The amount of options increases if you sign up with a lending broker which works with a network of established lenders under its network. It is the broker’s responsibility to match your application with a suitable lender who will then provide you the loan along with your preferred terms and conditions.

Only option for individuals with bad credit

You will get rejected by banks and other traditional financial institutions if your credit score or history fails to meet the rigid criteria set by them. In such cases, it can be hard for individuals who are already under e burden of financial stress, to find and access a line of credit from a reliable source. Fortunately, online emergency loans for bad credit are specifically designed financial products to help such financially struggling individuals. While the interest rates are comparatively high, the loan process is fast and lets anyone access credit in a matter of hours or days.


Most online emergency loan providers require to be registered with a financial regulatory body in the country they are operating. Being regulated means that the lender will have to operate their business in a responsible manner. The lenders must deal with clients who are struggling to repay their loans in an ethical way.

Disadvantages of Emergency Loans For Bad Credit

Just like any other financial product, emergency loans also carry with them a set of disadvantages that applicants should be aware of.

Higher interest rates

According to critics, emergency loans carry one of the greatest risks for lenders, which is why they charge high-interest rates and payment fees. This is to offset the risk of providing loans to financially struggling individuals. Typical APRs for these types of loans can range from 5% to upwards of 35%. High interest rates and late payment fees can put a strain on anyone’s finances, especially if they miss one or multiple loan installments.


You should closely inspect the terms and conditions of the loan before applying to prevent yourself from falling into a gap you didn’t see. For instance, some short-term lenders charge late payment installments and fees as well as an origination fee. Luckily there are several regulatory bodies that prevent any borrower from building up a debt spiral. There are some rules that prevent borrowers from taking out loan amounts that they cannot afford to pay.


What are the requirements for getting an emergency loan?

Why are interest rates higher in emergency loans compared to traditional loans?

What happens if I miss a payment for an emergency loan?

Why are interest rates higher in emergency loans compared to traditional loans?

Why choose a broker rather than a direct lender for emergency loans?

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Jayme is a professional freelance writer specializing in personal finance, business, nutrition, botany and mental health. She has studied extensively in these fields and spends a considerable amount of her time creating content to help simplify complex concepts for the everyday person.

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Facebook outage boosts rivals, Apple’s best and worst apps, ‘Report a Problem’ returns to App Store – TechCrunch Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:09:58 +0000 Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020. Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone. […]]]>

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy.

The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020. Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone. And in the U.S., app usage surged ahead of the time spent watching live TV. Currently, the average American watches 3.7 hours of live TV per day, but now spends four hours per day on their mobile devices.

Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re also a big business. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a combined $544 billion valuation, 6.5x higher than those without a mobile focus. In 2020, investors poured $73 billion in capital into mobile companies — a figure that’s up 27% year-over-year.

This Week in Apps offers a way to keep up with this fast-moving industry in one place with the latest from the world of apps, including news, updates, startup fundings, mergers and acquisitions, and suggestions about new apps and games to try, too.

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Winners from the Facebook outage

When Facebook went down for nearly six hours on Monday, other apps saw an immediate benefit. Telegram, for example, gained a massive influx of 70 million more users, it said. Other firms did a fuller analysis of how the outage played out in the world of mobile apps.

According to Sensor Tower, Snapchat saw the biggest increase on the social media front, with average time spent by existing users climbing by 23% week-over-week. Twitter, which had jokingly tweeted “hello literally everyone,” grew that figure by 11% and TikTok saw a 2% jump. When comparing October 4 to the week-ago day, Snapchat saw a 14% increase in sessions, the report said. Twitter saw 5% session growth week-over-week, but TikTok saw a 1% dip.

But as the outage impacted more than just social networking — Facebook’s communication services, including Messenger and WhatsApp went down, too — rival chat apps also saw some gains. This included a 15% time-spent bump in Signal and an 18% increase in Telegram. In terms of sessions, Signal and Telegram grew by 13% and 9%, respectively, when compared with September 27. In addition, both saw an increase in installs, with Signal seeing nearly 12x the installs from the day before, reaching 881,000 downloads on the day of the outage. Telegram saw 6.3 million installs and Viber gained 137,000.

Image Credits: Sensor Tower

At Facebook, the declines in time spent were significant. Instagram’s average time spent on Android dropped by 28% week-over-week. Facebook on Android was down 24%; WhatsApp was down 25%; and Messenger was down 20%.

Apple brings back the App Store’s “Report a Problem” feature

Apple made a change to its App Store by returning the “Report a Problem” link to App Store product pages across iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey devices. The link offers an easy way for users to report issues they’re having with an app, including whether it contains offensive or illegal content, or whether it was attempting to scam consumers out of their money. Apple had removed the consumer-friendly “Report a Problem” button from the App Store years ago, possibly to its detriment. New reports have suggested that many of the top apps are scams costing consumers millions and Apple has even been questioned by Congress over the situation.

The “new” feature is currently available in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and will make its way to other markets over time. However, the feature isn’t technically “new” in the sense that it had never before existed on the App Store — a button like this used to have a prominent position in the App Store’s early days.

When clicked, consumers will be able to select from options like “Report a scam or fraud” and “Report offensive, abusive, or illegal content” at They will also be able to report issues with free apps that don’t include in-app purchases.

The addition arrives after a number of reports about high-profile App Store scams have made headlines. Scams were even brought up in an antitrust hearing Apple attended earlier this year, when senators questioned why it wasn’t doing enough to protect consumers. The return of the button seems to be the closest to an acknowledgment we will get from Apple that fighting fraud effectively may require public input.

Apple’s apps get rated and reviewed

Image Credits: Appfigures

With iOS 15, Apple began to allow consumers to rate and review its own first-party apps on the App Store for the first time. That meant users could now leave reviews for built-in apps like Mail, Music, Stocks, Calculator and others that typically ship with the iPhone. Initially, some of the apps were not faring well as users finally had a chance to offer their feedback. For example, News started off with 2.5 stars as users complained about nags to upgrade to News+, advertising and other elements.

This week, Appfigures analyzed how the apps were doing as of October 5, 2021, to reflect the nearly 33,000 ratings they received over the first couple of weeks. It found that the most disliked apps included Mail, Podcasts, News and Translate. The latter, a newer app in the Apple lineup, fared the worst. Translate was the lowest-rated app, with a 2.42 average star rating globally off of 1,629 total ratings, Appfigures found. News, Mail and Podcasts were rated 2.55 stars, 2.98 stars and 2.44 stars, respectively.

Image Credits: Appfigures

Meanwhile, apps with ratings over 4 stars included Find My, Voice Memos, Compass, Measure, FaceTime, Notes, Fitness and Apple Wallet. A majority of Apple’s apps, however, were in the 3-star range. None received 5 stars or less than 2.42.

In terms of the number of ratings, Music and Maps led with 23% of the 32,953 ratings that came in over the past couple of weeks. Worldwide, music had 4,431 ratings, and Maps had 3,207 ratings. They were also the only apps with 3,000+ total ratings as of the time of publication.

Image Credits: Appfigures

iOS Updates

  • iOS 15 users noticed they have started to see promotions for Apple’s services in the Settings screen. While Apple has used this spot in the past, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney this week called out Apple for the practice, saying Apple is using the Settings screen as an ad unit its competitors don’t have access to. Apple was seen marketing Apple Music here, for example — but a rival like Spotify would not be able to use this same prime real estate in the same way.

Image Credits: TechCrunch

  • Apple launched new metrics in App Analytics. The new analytics include redownloads, total downloads, proceeds, preorders and updates. Each metric can be displayed by territory, source type, device and more.
  • Apple reminded developers that its updated App Store Guidelines said that all app submissions starting January 31, 2022 will need to offer an account deletion feature if they also offer account creation. The changes were previously announced alongside other, larger updates focused on cutting down on fraud and scams.
  • Apple launched iOS 15.1 beta 3, which added a new “Auto Macro” toggle that will allow you to disable the automatic camera switching. It also added ProRes support and fixed some of the issues with Apple Maps’ “Look Around” mode’s image quality. Meanwhile, Apple stopped code signing iOS 14.8 for some older iPhones.
  • Apple launched new coding guides for elementary school students. The guides include a new one-hour App Design session and other core coding concepts.

Android updates

  • Google announced its next Pixel event would take place on October 19. The company said it will officially introduce the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, powered by its first custom mobile chip, Tensor.
  • Google released the Android 12 source code on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). But unlike in years past, it didn’t also immediately release the new OS to Android devices. Instead, it said that Pixel device owners will still need to wait a few more weeks for some Pixel-first exclusives and features. (Perhaps to be announced at the new event?) Android 12 will also reach other phones later this year, including Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi devices.

Image Credits: Google


  • Pinterest rolled out new features for advertisers and brands to promote their products to users on its platform. A new “slideshow for collections” feature pulls products from brands’ catalogs and automatically turns them into a “collections ad,” which helps advertisers produce video-like content. It’s also adding support for “merchant details,” which will allow brands to showcase their values — like “responsibly sourced” and “inclusive” — on their profile. And companies can highlight communities they’re a part of, like “women-owned” or “Black-owned,” for example. The company is also expanding its Verified Merchant Program and is testing a new “Idea Ads with paid partnership” feature that is a joint partnership between creators and advertisers.
  • U.S. consumers are expected to spend over 900 million hours on mobile shopping apps during the holiday season, reports App Annie. This figure is up 20% year-over-year in the U.S. but other markets are on track for increases as well. In the U.K., consumers are on track for over 145 million hours in shopping apps, up from 138 million last year.
  • Amazon added a new feature to its U.S. shopping app that will allow Prime members to send gifts to anyone using just an email address or phone number. When checkout is complete, the gift recipient will then receive either an email or text that lets them accept the gift by providing Amazon with their preferred delivery address from their own Amazon account.


  • Robinhood launched on-demand phone support for all its 31 million users. Users with a question or account issue will now be able to request a call inside the Robinhood app, then receive a call back from a support agent. Previously, users had been pushed toward messaging the company for help.


Image Credits: Snap

  • Snap introduced a series of new tools, programs and features that will enable creators on its platform to generate revenue. These include the expansion of a Gifting feature to worldwide creators, the expansion of the Creator Marketplace to include Snap Stars (top creators with verified accounts), the launch of a how-to resource called the Creator Hub and a new way for Snapchat creators to be rewarded for making short-form video for its in-app TikTok rival, known as Spotlight. Separately, it launched a new tool to help encourage its young users to run for office.
  • Snapchat launched new tools and educational resources aimed at preventing younger users from buying illegal drugs on its platform. The company said the goal of the new tools is to keep its users safe from “the devastating impacts of the fentanyl crisis.” Among the changes, Snap says it improved its proactive detection capabilities to remove drug dealers from its platform before they are able to engage with users. It also worked to improve its in-app reporting tools, and is adding a new educational portal when drug-related terms are searched for in the app.
  • Instagram has largely replaced TikTok in India, following the ban, a report from Rest of World found. Instagram itself has 210 million active users there, who are uploading 6 million short videos daily. The largest local alternative is ShareChat’s Moj, with 2.5 million videos uploaded daily.
  • Instagram ditched IGTV. The company will no longer refer to its long-form video content as “IGTV” and will instead merge IGTV and Instagram Feed videos into a new format called simply “Instagram Video.” It’s also rebranding the IGTV app as Instagram Video, which will include everything but Reels (short-form) as well as Live videos.

Image Credits: Instagram

  • Twitter is testing a new prompt that will warn you when a conversation has “bad vibes.” The company said the idea is to give people a heads-up if they’re about to join a conversation that’s “heated or intense,” and hopes this will promote healthier conversations.
  • Twitter is shutting down Scroll, the distraction-free reading service it acquired. It says the feature will become a part of its premium Twitter Blue subscription in the future. Scroll had partnered with publishers to offer fast-loading, ad-free articles.


  • Google Photos app on Android has added the ability to edit and add metadata on photos and videos, something users have requested for a long time. The functionality was already available on iOS.


  • WhatsApp’s iOS beta added E2E encryption for backups. The feature is only available to select beta testers on TestFlight for the time being. The company announced last month it was preparing to bring E2E to chat backups on iCloud and Google Drive.
  • Telegram says it gained a record 70 million new users during Facebook’s six-hour outage on Monday. The company said the growth may have led to some slower than normal speeds in the Americas during that time.

Streaming & Entertainment

Image Credits: Netflix

  • Netflix brought its Shuffle Mode feature, “Play Something,” to Android devices worldwide. The option will play another movie or show Netflix believes you may like, based on your interests and your prior viewing behavior. These selections may include a movie or show you’re already watching but haven’t completed, a movie or show on your watch list or a brand-new series or film that Netflix’s personalization algorithms suggest. The feature will later come to iOS.
  • Netflix also snagged the top spot on the App Store this week, thanks to the popularity of its new hit series “Squid Game.” The app hasn’t been No. 1 since at least 2014.
  • YouTube is investing in podcasts. The company is hiring an an executive to oversee its podcasting business — a new position, Bloomberg said. The platform already hosts a number of podcasts, including top shows like Joe Rogan and those from popular YouTubers, like Logan Paul.
  • Spotify’s Anchor app, which provides podcasters with publishing tools, joined the Spotify Audience Network. The new audio ad marketplace puts Anchor’s creators in the reach of more advertisers and campaigns.


  • Viral hit game High Heels has topped 100 million downloads in less than a year, App Annie said. Zynga acquired the title when it purchased hyper-casual game maker Rollic in April. Launched in December 2020, the game was the No. 3 most downloaded hyper-casual game worldwide during H1 2021, and No. 6 among all games.


  • Tinder will offer users in-app currency for keeping their profile active, according to Bloomberg. The virtual currency is rolling out in Australia first, before heading to other markets, like the U.S. It can be used to buy premium features like Super Likes and Boost.

Auto & Transportation

  • Apple is said to be working on an expansion of CarPlay that would allow it to more directly interoperate with vehicle features, like the AC, seat adjustments and more, said Bloomberg.
  • Google Maps launched eco-friendly routing in the U.S. The feature, which gives drivers the choice between the fastest and most fuel-efficient route, is now live for iOS and Android users in the U.S., with support in Europe launching in 2022.


  • 🍿 Paddle, a solutions provider for subscription-based businesses, announced a new in-app purchasing (IAP) system aimed at iOS developers that’s designed to be a drop-in replacement for Apple’s own IAP. Paddle says its system will provide developers with access to customer data throughout their lifecycle; will offer a combination of direct subscription management and tools to pause subscriptions; and will support other payment mechanisms, like PayPal. It will also allow developers to manage their own refunds. Plus, its fees would be 10% on transactions under $10 and 5% on transactions over $10 — less than Apple. But Paddle’s entire product hinges on its belief that the court’s ruling in the Epic v. Apple lawsuit will be held up upon appeal, and that the way Apple will interpret the ruling will allow payment system alternatives such as Paddle’s to operate. That’s not something Paddle at this point could definitively know.
  • Amazon added a new speech setting to the Alexa app on iOS and Android that will force Alexa to wait for a longer period of time for a person to finish speaking. The feature is opt-in and could make the app useful to those with a speech impairment.
  • Firefox Focus, the privacy-centric browser, was updated this week with a brand-new look, shortcuts and more privacy controls. The browser now has new colors, a new logo and a dark theme, as well. Users can now also create and add a new password that can be saved directly in the browser, then used across mobile and desktop.
  • Universe, a mobile website builder app, added advanced creative controls, enhanced themes, block features and more to its grid-based web builder.

Government & Policy

  • Dutch antitrust authority found that Apple’s rule requiring developers to use its in-app payments system is anticompetitive, Reuters reported. The investigation began in 2019, following complaints from Match, which said Apple hindered it from direct communications with developers.
  • The U.K.’s comms, broadcast and, now, internet regulator, Ofcom, said video-sharing platforms in the U.K. will have to comply with new regulations designed to protect those under the age of 18 from harmful content. This includes hate speech, videos or ads likely to incite violence in protected groups, terrorist content, child sex abuse material, racism and xenophobia. In addition to larger video platforms like TikTok, Vimeo, Twitch, Snap, Triller and more, the regulations also apply to services like OnlyFans, Recast, BitChute and others.

💰 Mark Cuban-backed fintech Otto raised $4.5 million in seed funding led by Uncommon Capital. The app lets users tap into their vehicle’s equity for access to credit, allowing them to borrow at rates similar to a standard credit card. Title loans are typically predatory, and Otto is offering a slightly improved alternative, but by structuring this as credit, not a loan, users who make timely payments will be able to build or improve their credit, even if they were not qualified for other credit cards.

🤝 Twitter sold mobile ad platform MoPub to marketing software maker AppLovin for $1.05 billion in cash. MoPub helped Twitter generate $188 million in revenue in 2020, but Twitter is now more focused on developing its own owned and operated ad product instead, in addition to the revenue generation it has planned from its other new features like live audio rooms, subscriptions, creator tools and more.

💰 Facemoji, which makes a plug-and-play tech platform for adding avatar systems to mobile apps, raised $3 million in seed funding, led by Play Ventures. Twitter, which more rarely makes corporate investments, and Roosh Ventures also participated.

💰 German digital insurance tech firm Getsafe raised $93 million in Series B funding for its app that allows customers to buy, manage and change their insurance policies and file claims. The app offers liability and contents insurance, car insurance, legal insurance and newly added dental insurance. Investors include Abacon Capital, Earlybird, CommerzVentures and Swiss Re.

💰 Copper Banking raised $9 million in seed funding for its digital banking service aimed at teens, which incorporates financial educations into its product offering. Investors include PSL Ventures, an arm of Pioneer Square Labs, as well as Clocktower Ventures, Index Ventures Scout Fund, Launchpad Capital, Financial Venture Studio, Maven Ventures, Fiat Ventures and Arnold Ventures.

💰 Singapore-based Grab raised its stake in the Indonesian mobile wallet provider Ovo to around 90%, up from 39%, by acquiring stakes that were owned by PT Tokopedia and Lippo Group, a filing indicated.

💰 Matter raised a $7 million Series A led by GV to build a better reading app for the era of alternative media, newsletters and audio consumption of news and information. The app aims to compete with services like Instapaper and Pocket by offering a modern alternative.

💰 Indonesian stock-trading app Ajaib raised $153 million in Series B funding led by DST Global, the same firm that backed Robinhood. Founded by Stanford MBA classmates, the app — now a unicorn — targets young, retail investors who are starting to trade online for the first time. Other investors in the round include Ribbit Capital, IVP, ICONIQ Capital, Insignia Ventures, Alpha JWC Ventures, SoftBank Ventures and Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures.

💰 Upmesh, a service created to help automate checkout from Facebook Live streams, including on mobile, raised $3 million in seed funding led by Leo Capital. The company is preparing to build its own app that will allow users to discover new live commerce sellers across social media platforms.

💰 Ladder, a life insurance startup that works via an app, raised $100 million in a new round of funding co-led by Thomvest Ventures and OMERS Growth Equity. The company is on track to issue $30 billion worth of coverage by the end of 2021, and saw its revenue grow 4.5x over the past year.


Image Credits: Matter

A new app called Matter is offering a better reading app that works with how people today consume news and information. Instead of just marking articles to save later, only to never get read, Matter spruces up the reading list experience by offering other features to keep users more engaged with what they’re reading — like private and public highlighting, support for commenting, a curated public feed and editors picks, support for importing newsletters, audio playback of articles in a less-robotic sounding voice than rivals, and more. Users can find and follow others on Matter, which curates its content based on tweets from top thinkers as well as what its community publicly shares. The app is currently iOS only, but is developing a web and Android version in the future.


Image Credits: Fireside

A new startup called Fireside launched this week with what it hopes will be a more compelling set of tools for content creation, distribution, measurement and monetization. The service offers a platform for live and interactive shows, which had earlier drawn Clubhouse comparisons. But Fireside offers live and on-demand programming as well as the ability to export and simulcast to other platforms. The app had been making waves during its beta period thanks to financial backing by Mark Cuban, who has also taken the rare step of naming himself as co-founder. He’s joined by former Googler, YouTuber and Node co-founder Falon Fatemi, who sold her last company to SugarCRM, and early Yammer employee Mike Ihbe. The platform is now exiting its beta period, where it was tested with more than 500 creators whose collective audience reach has topped 100 million, the company says. Fireside is available on the web and iOS to start. (Read the full review here on TechCrunch.)


Image Credits: Welcome

When you’re exploring a city — whether one you’re visiting on your travels or your own — there are a number of tools that can help you find out where to go, what to see and what to do, like Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor and others. But a startup called Welcome thinks that today’s set of tools could be smarter and more personalized to the individuals who use them. Its new app instead uses “real-time” technologies to make recommendations that take into account a user’s preferences as well as other details about their current context — like the weather, season, traffic and the popularity of the place at the current time of day — in order to provide a better-curated set of recommendations. The end result is a city guide that functions more like a personal concierge. (Read the full review here on TechCrunch.)

Halide 2.5 (Update)

Image Credits: Halide

With the iPhone 13 Pro, users can now take photos close up — less than an inch away from their subject — thanks to its support for macro photography. But now, there’s an option for everyone else, too. Halide’s popular camera app updated this week with a new feature that brings support for macro photography to all iPhone models from the iPhone 8 and up. While the ultra-wide camera will still automatically focus on very-close subjects, the company says, a separate mode unlocks powerful tools and processing specific to macro. To get started, you’ll tap the “AF” button to switch from auto focus to manual focus. To then enter Macro Mode, you’ll tap the flower icon — the universal symbol for macro. Halide will examine your available cameras and switch to whichever one has the shortest minimum focus distance. It then locks focus at that nearest point. You can tap anywhere on-screen to adjust focus or adjust it manually. To make the feature work, it trained a neural network to upscale images in a way that produces “much sharper, smoother results” than what you typically get in an editor, the company said.

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Two men indicted by the federal government in a wave of armed robberies in the four cities | USAO-CDIL Thu, 07 Oct 2021 21:51:28 +0000 ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – A federal grand jury issued an indictment on September 21, 2021, which was unsealed today following the arrests and initial court appearances of two Quad City men for allegedly committing five armed robberies and one armed carjacking between July and October of 2020. The indictment alleges that Emmanuel Lance Howard, 21, […]]]>

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – A federal grand jury issued an indictment on September 21, 2021, which was unsealed today following the arrests and initial court appearances of two Quad City men for allegedly committing five armed robberies and one armed carjacking between July and October of 2020.

The indictment alleges that Emmanuel Lance Howard, 21, of Davenport, Iowa, and Evander Allen Jordan, 37, of Rock Island, Illinois, robbed five local businesses while brandishing a gun. The companies listed in the indictment include Little Caesar’s Pizza, Midwest Title Loans, Papa John’s Pizza, Pawn King and Domino’s Pizza. In addition to the five armed robberies, the indictment alleges that Howard and Jordan committed carjacking, also by brandishing a gun.

The indictment further alleges that a firearm was discharged during the robbery of Domino’s Pizza.

Howard was arrested in San Antonio, Texas, and Jordan was arrested in Davenport, Iowa. Howard and Jordan both remain in the custody of the United States Marshals Service pending trial on December 6, 2021.

If found guilty, Howard and Jordan each face a maximum legal sentence of up to life imprisonment.

Agencies participating in the investigation include the Rock Island Police Department, the Moline Police Department, the Davenport Police Department and the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau. Deputy US prosecutors Alyssa Raya and Jennifer Mathew represent the government in the prosecutions.

Members of the public are reminded that an indictment is only an accusation; the accused are presumed innocent unless their guilt is proven.

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Otto, backed by Mark Cuban, raises $ 4.5 million to turn auto equity into credit – TechCrunch Thu, 07 Oct 2021 18:07:57 +0000 Otto, a fintech start-up that aims to enable people to tap into their vehicle’s equity to access credit, raised $ 4.5 million in a funding round. The Dallas-based company is building a mobile platform that will essentially allow people to borrow against their vehicles at the same interest rate as standard credit cards. But unlike […]]]>

Otto, a fintech start-up that aims to enable people to tap into their vehicle’s equity to access credit, raised $ 4.5 million in a funding round.

The Dallas-based company is building a mobile platform that will essentially allow people to borrow against their vehicles at the same interest rate as standard credit cards. But unlike other cards, Otto won’t charge fees or overdraft fees, and won’t require applicants to provide their FICO credit scores. Users will be able to remotely check and guarantee their cars through Otto’s mobile platform, which is expected to launch in early 2022.

Uncommon Capital led the startup’s seed funding, which included participation from Pelion Venture Partners, 1930 Capital, Bloom VP and Spacecadet Ventures. Other investors include Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor; Leo Polovets, co-founder and general partner of Susa Ventures; Bill Clerico, co-founder and CEO of WePay; and Vivek Garipalli, co-founder and CEO of Clover Health.

Friends and former colleagues George Utkov, Jordan Miller and Daniel Ashy came up with the idea for the company after Utkov’s friend fell victim to a “predatory” title loan deal.

“Millions of people every year take out what’s called title loans – and that’s when you own your car and you’re basically going to pledge your car’s title as security for the loan,” Miller said. “These loans last 30 days. They’re 500% + APR, and they absolutely crush people.

Utkov’s friend, who had lost his job during COVID, secured a title loan against a truck that was worth between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000. Unable to reimburse him, he lost his car.

“It exposed us to this whole world of loan products for the underserved, for the unbanked,” Miller said.

The trio began working on Otto at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the experience of Utkov’s friend, they realized that people, for example, with unstable incomes or who are recent immigrants are extremely limited in options when in need of money. As such, they often have to resort to payday and securities lenders, pawn shops or other non-bank credit lenders who often charge “exorbitant” fees.

With Otto, the friends / founders want to give people another option that will not make their financial situation worse, but rather a better one. The interest rate it charges will vary, but the upper limit is 24%, the company said.

Otto chose the asset class because vehicles are often the most common and important asset owned by so many financially troubled and underbanked people.

Through the company’s mobile app, users will be able to apply for and get pre-approved “in minutes” for standard interest credit cards, which are approximately 96% cheaper than loans typically available to that user. . The user is then guided through a step-by-step process of remotely validating their information with the material provided by the company and activating their new Otto credit card.

Consumers can use their credit cards to pay for in-store and online purchases, build credit, and earn rewards. Part of the goal is to help users build their credit so that they can access even more affordable credit products. When consumers use Otto, their repayment history will be reported to the three major credit bureaus.

Like all major credit card issuers, Otto will make money in two ways: through interchange fees and interest.

“We want to provide financial mobility to those who need it most, regardless of their credit history, and help them move forward in their lives by providing them with credit options that they might not otherwise have access to. “said Utkov.

In addition to helping people build credit, the Otto team will also track a user’s financial health and tell them things like what they’re spending their money on, and prepare for certain expenses based on their history. previous billing.

“In reality, what we’re creating is a system that’s 95% cheaper than the loan products these people use every day,” Miller said. “We feel that by building this and launching it, we have the power to fundamentally change the lives of millions of people. “

So what if a user misses a payment? Otto says he has a comprehensive program that helps users get back on track with missed payments. It also says its minimum monthly payments are the same as standard credit cards, about 2-3% of an outstanding balance.

“The repayment plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of the user,” the company said. And users can trade in their vehicle through the platform for another lower value car

The executives added, “Otto will not repossess a vehicle unless all other options (such as the reimbursement plan, vehicle exchange, etc.) are exhausted.”

Part of their plan to get their word out is to tap into the resources of their investors. For example, Mark Cuban is already helping Otto forge local partnerships with businesses offering adjacent services such as financial literacy promotion and credit repair that are already raising awareness in communities, Utkov noted.

“We think it’s very important to build trust from the bottom up and that there is an edge to building at the community level,” Miller said.

By e-mail, Cuban said he invested in Otto simply because he liked “the idea of ​​helping people use the equity in their cars”.

“I think Otto is firmly committed to helping those who are underbanked and need financial support rather than extracting every dollar they can,” he added.

Tikhon Bernstam, managing partner of senior investor Uncommon Capital, said his company was inspired by Otto’s vision to offer a new kind of asset-backed loan for the underbanked.

“If you are unbanked or underbanked, you currently do not have access to credit at the price at which Otto will provide it,” Bernstam wrote via email. “Your alternatives are traditional payday loans at predatory interest rates or traditional title loans at predatory interest rates. Otto is changing that.

Story has been updated after publication with additional information from the company

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