Colorado Avalanche fans buy team gear early, often after Stanley Cup wins

Colorado Avalanche fans didn’t wait until the next morning to stock up on new team gear in honor of the team’s Stanley Cup victory. The Dick’s Sporting Goods stores which were open on Sunday evening were very busy.

“Avs fans have been passionate all year and last night they really showed their true colors,” said Jessica Gillman, the company’s community marketing manager in Colorado.

Several Denver-area stores opened after the Avalanche beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 in Game 6 in Tampa to win the Stanley Cup, the team’s third championship since 1996. The stores remained open until midnight Sunday and opened at 7 a.m. two hours earlier, on Monday.

“It was very busy, which is a good thing,” Gillman said. “Everyone was excited. You could just feel that good energy.

Gillman hadn’t heard if any of the stores were selling any items. She said Dick ran “super low” on Nathan MacKinnon and Cale Makar jerseys last week. Makar, the young defenseman, won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player in the NHL playoffs.

A Sportsfan apparel store in Denver’s 16th Street Mall was waiting for another shipment of Avalanche t-shirts Monday morning.

“Because everyone was expecting them to win on Friday night, we pretty much sold out: all of our t-shirts, most of our hats,” said Albert Batres, assistant store manager.

Most of the shirts also sold out, he added.

The Avalanche lost 3-2 to the Lightning in Game 5 in Denver on Friday and returned to Tampa to win the championship.

Batres said Sportsfans stores expected another delivery of t-shirts on Monday and other items within days. He said fans who showed up Monday morning to buy shirts took to him when he explained that new supplies were on the way.

“They say ‘Okay.’ They’re just happy. They can’t really be mad,” because the Avalanche won, Batres said.

Denver-area Sportsfan stores had additional people working to manage crowds.

“Not just because of the Avs, but also because the Rockies (from Colorado) have the Dodgers (from Los Angeles) in town at the same time. It’s going to be pretty busy,” Batres said.

Dick’s Sporting Goods pre-ordered Avalanche Stanley Cup merchandise so stores could be ready to go as soon as the playoffs were over.

“We get a shipment days before with the logos,” Gillman said. “You just hold your breath and hope your team is going to win so you can get all that stuff out.”

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