Delran High School football player excels on field despite limb difference, wows Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce

DELRAN, NJ (WPVI) — When you watch 16-year-old Colin Moore play football, you can tell he puts his heart and soul into the game.

But you might not be able to tell he does it without a vital part of his body.

“I always had to have a mind of steel, a heart of gold, and push forward no matter what,” Moore said.

The Delran High School junior was born without the lower part of his right arm. Although the difference in member never stopped him, it was an obstacle in his life.

“The one thing I really knew was that I would have to work, double, triple, quadruple times harder than everyone else,” Moore said.

On the football field, Moore hopes to be the starting center – a position that requires tremendous lower and upper body strength.

“I’m catching up with speed and strength,” Moore said.

He hits hard in the weight room and recently broke a personal best of 165 pounds.

So would he say that having to compensate has made him stronger than virtually every athlete he sees?

“Yeah, and just a lot of doubts that other people have when I told people what I wanted to do,” he said.

His trainer, Frank Holmes, told Action News: “What I can say about Colin is this: he was born with a difficult situation, life kind of threw him a curve ball, but every day, he knocks that curve ball out of the park. His attitude, intense focus, he’s a positive autodidact, he’s just total intensity in everything he does.”

It’s that underdog mentality that brings to mind another stud center in our area – Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Moore said he aspires to be like Kelce.

“Yes, of course,” Moore says. “Great man, tough guy. Sure. I admire that kind of stuff.

Action News’ Jamie Apody shares a special message from Jason Kelce during an interview with Colin Moore.

Kelce even messaged Moore after Action News shared a video of his weightlifting success.

“Hey Colin, Jason Kelce here. I just finished watching this video – this one arm cleanse. And man – you’re an inspirational bro,” Kelce said. “You are an inspiration to me, the epitome of perseverance, the epitome of hungry dogs running faster. And I have to tell you – I think I speak for the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line. , we would like to invite I need to meet you. We need to meet you. We need this energy to rub off on us this year. It would be our honor for you to pass by, Colin. Please. Love the way you work, love this energy. Keep going bro.

Moore said “for sure” he would be up for meeting Kelce and the birds.

“I didn’t expect something like this,” Moore said. “That’s crazy.”

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