Do we now know the date of withdrawal of Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey?

When the Mavericks’ season schedule was announced this summer, speculation about the potential date of the long-awaited retirement from franchise icon Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey quickly turned to January 29.

It was a logical, if not educated, guess in every way. It’s a Saturday game, with an early tip at 6 p.m., and the opponent that night is Indiana, coached by Rick Carlisle, the man who coached Nowitzki for 13 of his 21 seasons as Maverick. , including the 2010-11 NBA Championship year.

Unsurprisingly, advance ticket sales and secondary market resales made Indiana gambling a pretty hot ticket.

On Wednesday, however, some savvy fans noticed and alerted The news to a rather breathtaking development on the official Mavericks ticketing site, The Mavericks appear to have withdrawn their ticket inventory for the Jan. 5 home game against Golden State. The only tickets available for this game are on the resale market.

That in itself was noticeable. Most telling are resale market prices, which started to skyrocket on Wednesday and appear to be skyrocketing today: Wednesday night the cheapest tickets were at $ 135. Early Thursday the cheapest tickets were $ 150. At 10:30 a.m., it was $ 190.

So, yes, something is happening, especially with the seats, the closer you get to the field. Lower tiers (100 sections) range from $ 500 to $ 3,000 apiece, and the few seats available for resale are even higher.

Granted, the Warriors led by Stephen Curry (12-2) are finally healthy again, still entertaining and still a hot ticket, but not so hot. By comparison, the March 3 home game against the Warriors has plenty of seats available in the $ 74- $ 100 price range, including standard-priced tickets that aren’t on the secondary market.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said last month that a withdrawal of Nowitzki’s jersey won’t necessarily happen this season, but if it does, it will depend on Nowitzki’s travel schedule.

Unlike the Indiana game, the Golden State game is not a weekend. It’s a Wednesday night. But that game also has an early start time (6.30am) and unlike the Indiana game, it’s televised nationally, on ESPN.

So while there has been no announcement from the Mavericks, Tea Leaves and some alert fans (and Ticketmaster) are telling us to circle January 5 on the calendar for what Cuba has promised would be the biggest ceremony. retirement of the jersey in the franchise 41- historic of the season: rightly, that of jersey n ° 41, worn by the greatest maverick of all.


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