Dreaming about a pink Christmas tree, you can get one in New Jersey


It is never too early or too early to dream of the perfect Christmas tree for this year.

These trees are quite amazing. Wykoff Christmas Tree Farm will once again have multi-colored Christmas trees this year. Maybe you are dreaming of a blue, purple Christmas tree?

Wykoff Christmas Tree Farm uses a dye which is a latex-based paint specially formulated for Christmas trees. It is a base that the farm uses with the traditional dyes that it has used for many years. I remember seeing these trees for many years and always thought, how cool would a pink Christmas tree be in my living room?

CLICK HERE to see the colorful trees that are so magical for the holiday season. Imagine a red, white and blue tree … you can choose it. Maybe a purple and pink tree?

Wykoff Christmas Tree Farm offers many different colors including pink, purple, dark blue, light blue, turquoise, magenta, red, black or white. These special painted trees sell very quickly, first come, first served.

A few things to know about Wykoff’s: The tree farm will be ready to go on Black Friday, the weekends are incredibly busy – try going on weekdays, and they have a great selection of Christmas trees of all sizes.

Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm begins the season with over 5,000 trees. Wyckoff’s will offer trees for you to cut yourself, as well as fresh cut trees for your convenience. It is a tradition every year for families to cut their own Christmas tree. Can you believe it, I’ve never done that, maybe this year?

Wykoff’s Christmas Tree Farm

246 County Road 519

Belvidere, New Jersey

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