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GUILFORD, CT (WFSB) – The season is on the line tonight for the Yankees and Red Sox.

It’s win or come home, as the two rivals face off in Tuesday night’s American League wildcard game.

A few years ago, a study using Facebook data concluded that Guilford was the dividing line in Connecticut, roughly 50-50, between Yankees and Red Sox fans.

But no matter where you live or what team you follow, baseball fans are ready for Tuesday’s big game.

“Big Red Sox fan, I’ve been a Red Sox fan all my life,” said Pat Cleini.

Good or bad, Cleini said he’s always shot for his beloved Boston Red Soxes, so when they won on Sunday night, taking the field for Tuesday’s wild card game, he decided to get some tickets and get to Fenway Park.

“We’re about 20 rows behind the plate tonight, and as soon as I get my hair cut that’s exactly where I’m headed,” he said on Tuesday.

No before a good-natured little rib from Chris Brojek, at Headliners Barber Shop, who is a fan of the Yankees.

“I’m a big fan of the Yankees, I’ve always been for a long time, but very zealous, it’s do or die tonight, I need them to get by”, he said declared.

While this has been a pretty consistent season series, it has also been a two-half story.

The Red Sox have won the first seven games against their fierce rivals this year, with the Yankees winning the last six games in between.

At Guilford Sporting Goods, there are still a few Yankee and Red Sox jerseys on the shelves.

“It’s the talk of the city in fact. I would say we’re 50-50 here in Guilford, half the people in Guilford are Red Sox, half the people in Guilford are Yankees, ”said Barry Latham of Guilford Sporting Goods.

This would include owners Barry and Gail Latham, where the back of their shop looks like a mini museum for their favorite team, with bats, photos, old tickets, you name it, a passion for the team. striped which only adds to the rivalry.

“Every day someone walks in, comes to the back of the store and sees that we’re Yankees fans. We are hassled every day and we love it. We keep telling them if it wasn’t for the Yankees and the Red Sox, who would watch TV, who would watch the games, ”said Gail Latham.

The first pitch is a little after 8 p.m. on ESPN.

The winner will face the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday.

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