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One of Clearfield County’s first sporting goods stores, Harder’s Gun Works, established in 1878 in Williamsport, arrived in Clearfield around 1889.

John Harder (1857-1910) took over as a gunsmith from his father, Jacob Harder, after graduating from Lock Haven Seminary.

John Harder kept abreast of the latest scientific advances and the production of firearms and other mechanical parts. The Harder’s Gun Works also manufactured and sold gas and electrical supplies, automobiles, firearms, bicycles, fishing tackle, cutlery, sporting goods, umbrellas, electrical appliances, fireworks. fireworks and musical instruments.

Ira Waite (1857-1932) and Emory Gearhart (1888-1969). Photograph 1905-1910.

Harder’s Gun Works was the county’s largest arms dealer during its operation. The building was located in Clearfield on East Market Street across from the Ritz Theater, in the 126 E. Market St.

JE Harder, son of John, sold the business to Ira Waite, who operated it for years before his children Clarence (1892-1958) and Martha took over. It was last run by Martha Waite McQuillen (1894-1987) when it closed in 1959.

Clarence Waite would give young boys handfuls of ball bearings to use in their slingshots when they stopped in the store. The boys were ordered not to tell their mothers where they came from.

A Harder pistol is a desirable addition to any gun collector these days.

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