LeBron James reacts to Ohio State’s all-black jerseys: “And by the way, these black United are sick!”

LeBron James’ allegiance to Ohio State is well known at this point. James is a huge Buckeyes fan who has said in the past that if he had decided to go to college instead of going straight into the NBA from high school, he would have gone to OSU.

He even attended their Week 1 college football game as the Buckeyes beat Notre Dame and LeBron watched their games closely on TV after that as well. The NBA season hasn’t started yet, so LeBron has time off and with the team facing the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday, you knew LeBron was going to connect.

LeBron James reacts to Ohio State’s all-black jerseys

The Buckeyes were 3-0 at the start of this week’s game, and they sported their all-black alternate jersey for it. This is only the fourth time in program history that these have been worn and the team has won in all three previous instances.

It was much the same this time around and they improved to 4-0 carrying that and on the season as they demolished the Badgers 52-21. LeBron was thrilled with the team’s performance and also their jersey, as he was full of praise for it.

They look great, as do the Buckeyes, who will return to the college football playoffs if they keep playing this way. They missed last season and seem to be on a mission to get back there.

LeBron hopes the Lakers can get off to a good start like this once their season begins next month, as they, too, look to bounce back from missing the playoffs last season. While we know LeBron will do his part to help them do that, there are plenty of concerns elsewhere.

Anthony Davis is the biggest of them all, as he’s been a shell of the player who’s dominated the 2020 playoffs for the past two seasons. Vince Carter said AD need to relieve James, who is entering his 20th season in the league, and if Davis doesn’t step in, it’s hard to see this team going anywhere. They’ve made some solid acquisitions this offseason with Patrick Beverley as the headliner, but that won’t be enough if AD can’t get back to their best.

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