McLain High School varsity football team gets new uniforms

TULSA, Okla. – The McLain High School varsity football team in Tulsa got a big surprise today.

They will wear new uniforms this fall thanks to a generous donation from a local clinic. College football players said the donation was a game-changer for them.

“You feel good, you play good,” junior Titus Morgan said.

When he and his team play, he said they always leave their hearts on the football field. Today, the community is mobilizing behind them.

“We want them to feel good about themselves, so they know that when they walk onto the court, they look as good as their opponent,” said Natalie Jones, nurse practitioner at Novastar Family Medicine. .

Jones and her husband own a clinic directly across from McLain High School. They’ve partnered with the school to provide physical exams for student-athletes, but they don’t just meet the physical needs of the student.

“The school needed football jerseys and pants, so we thought this year was the year we should bless them with the check to buy their uniforms for the varsity football team,” Jones said.

McLain sporting director Jamar Louie said it had been eight years since the team had new uniforms. He said they had no money to buy new ones.

“You know, with COVID, we were dealing with much smaller crowds, we weren’t getting as many, as many sales as far as tickets went, and so that took away the funding to provide our student-athletes with uniforms. , cleats and other things that are necessary for their particular sport,” Louie said.

They know that meeting this need will be a win for students.

“We needed it for a long time at Mclain,” Morgan said.

“Getting new units for our student-athletes is important because it will boost their morale. They will want to be part of our program. They’ll want to show the camaraderie with each other and their teammates and I think that’s just going to boost our whole athletic program,” Louie said.

“When you give back to the community, the health of the community depends on its members,” Jones said.

The head coach said they are excited to kick off the next football season.

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