Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Reactions pour in from weekend visitors

It was a hectic weekend for Michigan Wolverines recruiting, with sign-ups, sign-outs and a group of players touring campus. Today’s recruiting roundup drew reactions from a handful of those visitors, with a particular focus on the defensive line as the prospects get their first interaction with new position coach Mike Elston.

Michigan takes big step with top 100 DL

Despite leaving Michigan from its previous front-runner in December, 2023 four-star defensive lineman John Walker is ready to strongly reconsider the Wolverines after visiting Ann Arbor on Sunday, according to The Michigan Insider’s Brice Marich ( $).

“My visit was really good,” Walker said. “I had a great time with the coaches.”

Walker knew Elston when he was at Notre Dame, but said he would “continue to bond with him and we will get to know each other.”

What was Elston’s message to Florida’s top prospect?

“Mike Elston was just showing me love and he was just telling me he was excited that I came here. It was just cool to be around all the coaches too.

Walker was joined on the trip North with teammate, 2023 top-100 defensive lineman Derrick LeBlanc. The duo were at Penn State on Saturday before catching up in Ann Arbor.

Following the visit, Walker said “they’re up there” regarding Michigan’s spots on his roster.

Michigan tops slate for four-star DL

Another 2023 defensive lineman who visited Michigan this weekend is New Jersey’s four-star Sydir Mitchell. Mitchell spoke with TMI’s Marich about his last visit to Ann Arbor ($).

“The visit was great,” Mitchell said. “I have to spend the day with coaches. I spent a lot of time with Coach Elston, Coach Larkins and Coach Staab. I also went to my first hockey game.

These three coaches team up to recruit Mitchell to Michigan, and he’s getting closer to each one.

“Coach Elston and I spent the day getting to know each other. Looking forward to continuing to build relationships with the coaching staff. Coach Larkins is from Jersey so we talked a lot about back home. Coach Staab keeps in touch with me a lot, so it was good to see him.

After that visit, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Michigan is leading for the 6-foot-5, 324-pound. He doesn’t have any crystal balls in his recruiting yet, but is also expected to head to Penn State in a few weeks.

Ohio’s top prospect enjoys a return visit to campus

One of the most familiar faces in Ann Arbor this summer, fall and now this winter is 2023 four-star offensive lineman Luke Montgomery. One of Ohio’s top players for his class, Montgomery was in Ann Arbor at least four times as a rookie, including last weekend. 247Sports’ Steve Wiltfong caught up with him to see how his last visit went ($).

“I came to see a good hockey game and went to dinner and talked to Coach Harbaugh and Coach Moore a lot and I still have a great experience going there,” Montgomery summarized.

Even after visiting Michigan several times already, Montgomery said he plans to return soon.

“I really love Michigan. I also love a lot of other schools and I just need to find what’s best for me and I’ll definitely be going back to Michigan soon.

Although he could play either side of the line, Montgomery was drafted as an offensive lineman by Michigan and formed a good bond with Moore.

“Coach Moore is a player coach,” Montgomery said. “He knows a lot about the game and he played in Oklahoma and it shows a lot when you win the Joe Moore award on the offensive line.”

Crystal Ball’s only prediction is still for Ohio State, though Michigan is doing everything possible to bring the Findlay native up north.

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