New Jersey Devils Player of the Week (week 10): Michael McLeod surprises

The center of the team’s fourth line was a bright spot in a terrible stretch for the Devils.

The New Jersey Devils are in turmoil right now. They are on a worst-game six-game losing streak in the league and are just three points ahead of the New York Islanders, who have four games in hand.

There is no excuse for a team as talented as the Devils to be as bad as them, indicating that the days of head coach Lindy Ruff and the company are likely to be numbered.

The Devils have had a busy week, playing four games and losing them all. They also had some issues with COVID, losing Jesper Boqvist, Ryan Graves, Nico Hischier and PK Subban to protocol.

The NHL is on hiatus and the Devils won’t play until December 27 at the earliest. This is good news for the Devils. They could really use this free time to regroup and start over.

Protocol players as well as starting goaltender MacKenzie Blackwood, who is recovering from a minor neck injury, will also have time to rest and get better.

The Devils didn’t look too hot in Week 10 and no player was consistently excellent, but it was good to see a last six forward shine in his own way during a dark time for the team. .

Player of the week: C Michael McLeod

@ PHI: 1 A
against VGK: 1 A
@ DET: 1G
Average Game Score: 0.69
Average defensive impact: 0.36

In Week 10, McLeod was the Devils’ best player and had his best week of the season. He wasn’t perfect, but managed to score a three-game streak with an incredibly impressive point.

Considering his serious offensive struggles that year, it was refreshing to see McLeod not only scoring points but also having a great goal streak.

McLeod has been pretty good defensively this season, easily his greatest strength, and has done well in his own zone this week.

McLeod’s offensive issues had a serious negative impact on his overall game, so seeing him play as well as he did this week was a breath of fresh air. B

n being the best player on the team, he has also shown that he is capable of carrying the weight and has real potential as a down center in this league.

More weeks like this for the 23-year-old would add a lot of positivity to the rebuilding and the future of the squad.

Honorable Mention # 1: LW / C Yegor Sharangovich

vs PIT: 1 A
Average game score: 0.30
Average defensive impact: -0.02

After a few weeks of absence, Sharangovich is back with an honorable mention. It was good to see Sharangovich finally score a point after playing four in a row without one.

He was in the team’s top five twice last week, an impressive feat considering he spent time in two different positions. Its versatility is nice and has come in handy this season.

Sharangovich, who appeared on the scene as a solid goalscorer last season, has been disappointing in terms of points in 2021-2022, but his overall game appears to be improving.

He hasn’t been fantastic in his own zone this week, but his defensive play has improved so much. He’s been a defensive nightmare in his rookie season and it’s great to see him take that aspect of his game to the next level.

Honorable Mention # 2: LHD Jonas Siegenthaler

against VGK: 1 A
@ DET: 1 A
Average game score: 0.16
Average defensive impact: 0.37

The guy the Devils can always count on, Siegenthaler, is back with an honorable mention. The team’s best defensive back showed his attacking potential with two assists in Week 9, followed by another week of two assists.

Siegenthaler wasn’t as good offensively or defensively as he was in Week 9, but he still looked pretty good and was one of the best players on the squad. The Mr. Consistent of the team must stay that way if there is any hope for the Devils to turn the tide.

Honorable Mention # 3: RW Tomáš Tatar

against VGK: 1 G, 1 A
Average game score: 0.12
Average defensive impact: -0.09

The Week 8 Player of the Week is back here, this time with an honorable mention. Tatar hasn’t been particularly good this week, especially in his own zone (which is odd considering he’s actually been pretty good defensively this season).

However, he played well enough to be one of the best players on the squad this week. He was among the Devils’ top four players twice in Week 10 and stood out against the Vegas Golden Knights, when he scored a goal and an assist.

More consistent play from one of the team’s trademark free agent signings would be more than appreciated.

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