New Jersey makes the list

We recently wrote that Spirit Air and Atlantic City International Airport have received an undeserved bad rap.

While fresh in my mind, I come back to say the exact same thing about the Transportation Security Administration, better known by the acronym TSA. I think they also have a very undeserved bad reputation.

I find the TSA agents to be very nice and very accommodating. They rarely get credit for being one or the other.

And, while the TSA is fresh in my mind from my travels this week, I want to share with you the Top 10 Most Unusual Discoveries by TSA Agents at Various Checkpoints in 2021.

Of course, New Jersey makes the cut! Not once, but twice!

Here is the list of the TSA’s Top 10 Most Unusual “Discoveries” of 2021 as follows:

1. Chainsaw at New Orleans International Airport. (Louisiana).

2. Bottle racks at Sacramento International Airport. (California).

3. Various fireworks at Syracuse – Hancock International Airport. (State of New York).

4. Machete to President Ronald Reagan – Washington National Airport. (Washington DC)

5. Bear Spray in Destin – Fort Walton Beach Airport. (Eglin Air Force Base).

6. Cleaver at Harrisburg International Airport. (Pennsylvania).

7. Gun Loop at Honolulu International Airport. (Hawaii).

8. Methamphetamine Burrito at Hobby International Airport. (Houston, Texas).

9. Gun at Newark International Airport. (New Jersey).

10. Bullets in deodorant at Atlantic City International Airport. (New Jersey).

Here is a link to watch a TSA video of the Top 10 Most Unusual Discoveries for the 2021 list here.

THE SOURCE: US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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