Retro World will open its first stand-alone store in Derby town center

A well-known retro video game company will return to Derby town center later this spring when they open their first standalone shop. Retro World has sold from a stall at the Eagle Market for many years and more recently at the Covered Market before the market closed for renovations last year.

Since then, he’s been selling his collection of classic games and consoles on eBay and his website, but in about a month owners Jane and Rob Tiochta will be opening a new store. It will be on The Spot, near the rings and opposite the Derbion entrance.

The Derby couple are delighted to welcome guests soon, but admit there is a lot of renovation work to be done before they can do so. They took over the vacant store unit formerly occupied by a hearing aid store, the funnily named Earwego.

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Ms Tiochta said: “Rob and I are really delighted to be opening our new store in the center of Derby, it’s our biggest location yet allowing us to stock an even wider selection of games and consoles. We’re really looking forward to seeing our Hope we’ll be open in four weeks as we’ll be installing new flooring, then store counters, then stocking it with all the games and consoles.

Retro World’s first stand-alone store will be located near The Spot in Derby city center in Earwego’s former premises

Retro World left Eagle Market in July 2019, after more than two decades of selling video game consoles, models and DVDs. It moved to Derby Market Hall in January 2020, before trading online again only for the past year or so after the market closed for ongoing renovations.

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