Roadrunners don’t plan to match Coyotes’ new branding, but Kachina jerseys will always play a role in Tucson | Roadrunners


The Coyotes ‘new official colors of red, purple, black, sable, green, and orange, but their recent brick-red, sand, and black palace – which the Roadrunners more or less matched when they formed in 2016 as the leagues’ main affiliate minors of the NHL club – will not go away entirely.

The red Coyotes jersey with a large coyote head on the front will be worn at eight home meetings at Gila River Arena in Glendale this season. This particular jersey and color scheme will be completely phased out in 2022-2023. This Coyote head will always appear as a shoulder patch on Tucson’s main (non-Kachina) home and road jerseys this season as well. The Coyotes ‘Kachina logo will also be a shoulder patch on the Roadrunners’ alternative Kachina jerseys.

It remains to be seen whether the Roadrunners deem it necessary to change their name to match their NHL counterpart.

Adrian Denny, director of communications and broadcast for the Roadrunners, said a redesign would take a full year – and that assumes the Coyotes, who own and operate the Roadrunners, would want their main affiliate to do it. While arena signage, advertising and marketing, and general branding are all part of it, Denny said in his experience, “the most important thing is league approval. on the jersey, then production on the jersey.

“Everything else goes pretty fast once you have a logo in place,” he added.

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