Seahawks reveal rare winning jersey and uniform against Rams



Russell Wilson is a fan of the Seahawks’ green uniforms.

The Seattle Seahawks have revealed the team will carrying their action green jerseys and pants as they take on NFC West rival the Los Angeles Rams. The Seahawks will adopt the color rush look for their clash against the Rams, which has become somewhat of an annual football tradition on Thursday night. This is one of the most polarizing uniform suits among Seahawks fans, but there is good news even if you are not in favor of the bold choice.

The Seahawks are 4-0 wearing the green uniforms while in action, and Seattle is hoping to push that to a perfect 5-0 after Thursday night. Overall, the Seahawks are 7-0 when wearing the green jerseys, regardless of the pants that accompany them.

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Wilson: “Every game you play at home here in the stadium in Lumen is a special and chilling moment”

Russell Wilson is looking forward to wearing the ‘lime green’ uniforms and playing the team’s first prime-time home game at full capacity since 2019. The quarterback has sprung from the Seattle sports community, including the 12 that show up both at home and on the road.

“Yeah, I think every game you play at home here in the stadium in Lumen is a special and freezing time, but wearing the lime green jerseys at home, whatever color we call them, green. lemon, but just wearing the green jerseys at home, carrying the Seattle feeling and in this special community that we have, ” Wilson noted on the Thursday night football game. “I think sport really builds the city in such a special way.

“You see the Kraken, you see the Mariners, what the Mariners did. You see, what the Seattle Storm did and obviously the Seahawks, and that’s just a special, special community. is just a very special sports community. And so our fans are the best in the world, and I think people can’t argue [that], it is a truly special place, whether at home or outdoors. And every game we would go to San Francisco, they’re the first in the stands, at the start of the pre-game warm-ups, I sweat right at the start of the warm-ups. And I’m like ‘Dude, these fans are already here.’

“It’s a special thing to see, young kids and fans who have been fans for a long time for 76 years, it’s a special thing. And I think the blue and green is deep, and it’s a special place , special.

Captains help select Seahawks uniforms weekly

Last season, Pete Carroll was asked to comment on the action green look and the Seahawks coach noted he didn’t care about the brilliant combo. Carroll explained that captains typically decide on uniforms on a weekly basis.

“We really leave that [uniform choice] to the players, to the captains, ”Carroll said during a November 2020 press conference. “They work with EK on this stuff, and they’re the ones who really led the charge there. …I like it. I like our look. I like every time we have green it looks good.

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