Staff picks: The Penn State football players we want on our Turkey Bowl team

Turkey bowls are an age-old Thanksgiving tradition. There’s nothing quite like getting together with family and friends and playing football.

However, for those of us who are a bit competitive, having a Penn State football player on your Turkey Bowl team would give us a clear advantage. Here are some of our employees’ picks for which Penn State football player, past or present, they’d like to have on their Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl team.

Mikey DeAngelisMike Gesicki

I thought long and hard about who would be the biggest difference maker in my team. I picked Mike Gesicki, one of Penn State’s most iconic tight ends, but really any tight end would be my choice.

As a tight end Gesicki is big so none of my uncles or cousins ​​would get in his way but he can also catch so even a mediocre quarterback should be able to put something in his hands . Combining good hands with size, I don’t see how Gesicki could be stopped this Thanksgiving.

Joe ListerSaquon Barkley

There’s no question that Barkley shouldn’t be on an All-Turkey Bowl team. He’s been electric this season and been a force for Penn State.

As long as the running back doesn’t physically break anyone, there’s nothing bad that can come from Barkley at your Thanksgiving. The guy seems like someone who would be cool to hang out with, which is a double bonus.

Brady MillerMichael Robinson

Michael Robinson is best known as a guard for the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. He even won Super Bowl 50 with the Seahawks. Prior to his NFL stint, he was a quarterback and running back at Penn State. He became the first player in Penn State history to throw for 2,000+ yards and rush for 500+ yards in the same season.

I think his ability to be a dual-threat passer and rusher is elite at the Turkey Bowl level. Watch out for double passes and tricks with him. Whether he’s throwing me a dime 60 yards or carrying defensemen, my team is unbeatable with Michael Robinson.

Frankie Marzano as Olu Fashanu

I’m going to do what many college football coaches fail to do: build an unbreakable offensive line. The first step to tossing dimes is to make sure you have the protection you need to be able to do so. No one in my family will touch me if Olu Fashanu blocks. I could also probably use him as a running back because he’s still faster than the average human being. Give me Olu every time.

Brendan WagnerMatt McGloin

As the original “Red Rocket,” McGloin was the first Penn State quarterback I remember seeing growing up. I was his biggest fan when I was little, I wore his No. 11 jersey everywhere. Tearing a bowl of turkey with him would be a looping moment.

Larkin Richards: Tank Smith

Although my family has never hosted a Turkey Bowl, I’m all for hosting a football game on Thanksgiving. Of course, going to a football school, there is always that a player you know would crush it no matter how bad the game gets. That being said, my go-to pick is Tank Smith.

Look, I wanted Smith on my team long before his fame against Rutgers. Whenever we needed him, he showed up. He’s an absolute beast at 5’7″ and packed with massive power. He is unstoppable. You are wrong if you don’t direct the ball like Smith. Turkey Bowl or Rose Bowl, Smith my first choice any day of the week. If you’re reading this and don’t know who Tank Smith is, he’s a killer running back and the captain of my Turkey Bowl team.

Nolan WickJahan Dotson

I’m biased as a Commanders fan, but I would love to have Jahan Dotson on my Turkey Bowl team. Dotson is a quick and capable wide receiver in many ways. All I had to do was give him the ball, and he would be quick enough to pass everyone. If that doesn’t work, he’s no stranger to deep ball either. He would easily help my team to victory, and I would love to have him.

Sam Fremin: Barney Amor

Look, I don’t play Thanksgiving football to have a good time. I play to win. Football is a fight for position on the pitch. Amor gives my team the flexibility to make smart decisions in fourth position and win the battle for position on the pitch.

Instead of dozing off with the casuals who feel the need to go for it on every fourth down, my team could employ the talents of one of the most exciting punters in the country. Among Amor’s 46 punts this season have been firecrackers. In crucial spots, Amor would help stuff my opponents near their own end zone, and my defense would feast on the turkeys trying to outsmart us. Think smarter, not harder.

Gabe AngieriChris Godwin

Nobody is covering for Chris Godwin in my Turkey Bowl game. When you think of all the great teams, a lot of them have a great quarterback duo. You had Montana-Rice, Brady-Moss, Manning-Harrison, and here you would have Angieri-Godwin. Unstoppable.

Messages from Onward State’s all-student staff.

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