The best sports stories of 2021

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Syracuse Athletics had a unique year 2021 marked by the resignation of its women’s basketball coach, the arrest of a star men’s lacrosse player and the first removal of a player’s jersey.

Over the past 12 months, brothers Jimmy and Buddy Boeheim have also reunited under their father Jim, allegations by former softball players against head coach Shannon Doepking and SU field hockey have gained a new teammate. .

The Sports section of Le Quotidien d’Orange has selected ten remarkable reads from 2021. Here are our picks:

Courtesy of Erin Facciolo


Team IMPACT gives League field hockey a new teammate

Angelina Facciolo suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The 10-year-old joined Syracuse field hockey for their game against Kent State as a representative for the program’s IMPACT team.

“We heard that she would never do this, she would never do that,” said her mother, Erin Facciolo. “And we just got that glimpse and that whole image of being parents, and then it was all flushed down the toilet.”

When Facciolo was diagnosed with SMA at just nine months old, the hardest thing for Erin was hearing what Facciolo wasn’t going to be able to do. She hated that instead of encouraging all she heard were things in the future that would not happen for her daughter.

“It’s hard for people to understand how inaccessible our world is,” Erin said. “And how our world is for two-legged people and what isn’t it like for people in wheelchairs.”

Facciolo was told she would never live past her second birthday, but last October she celebrated her 10th birthday with the Orange.


Photographic illustration by Emily Steinberger | Editor-in-chief

A look at Jim Boeheim’s early moments with 5 decades of rookies

Since 1976, Jim Boeheim has directed the Syracuse basketball program, his name having become synonymous with his alma mater.

During his five decades as a head coach, Boeheim mentored 18 All-Americans, dozens of future pros and champions. Every interaction started with Boeheim introducing himself to a teammate, rookie, or new staff member. Several former NHL basketball players, including Carmelo Anthony and John Wallace, recalled their early interactions with the Hall of Fame coach.

“I remember he fell asleep when he came to recruit me,” said Anthony. “I remember watching the game he fell asleep. I looked and saw him dozing off on the chair.


Nabeeha Anwar | Illustration editor

Rivera: My sporting success went unnoticed until SU took off a women’s jersey

11 of Syracuse’s 18 college sports are women’s teams, but Syracuse had never removed a jersey from any of those teams until this fall.

Syracuse retired 21 jerseys in its track and field history, 15 from men’s basketball and six from soccer. But beyond the two great sports, Syracuse hasn’t done much to honor its other legendary athletes. Specifically, it does little to immortalize female athletes.

In 2019, writer Brent Ax acknowledged Syracuse’s failure to remove the jerseys from female athletes. Ax asked Syracuse athletic director John Wildhack about it, and Wildhack expressed support for the removal of the women’s jerseys, saying it was “the right thing to do.”

Finally, in November, Felisha Legette-Jack took off her jersey during a game against Notre Dame, becoming the first of several female athletes to be honored throughout the fall and winter.


Photographic illustration by Emily Steinberger | Editor-in-chief

Inside Syracuse’s recruiting successes and recent failures

Despite making three Sweet 16 appearances since 2016, Syracuse basketball’s recruiting success has recently plunged, with Orange’s national average ranking dropping from 19th best nationally from 2006 to 2016 to 39th best in the past five. years.

“GPlaying in the middle of nowhere, New York is not what it was 25 years ago, ”said a scout.

Boeheim said college basketball recruiting hasn’t changed at all in the past five to 10 years. But sources told The DO that the recruiting scene is changing and head coaches are now involved earlier than ever.

“The Syracuse offers were once very important, but they are not anymore. It’s just another ACC school, ”said a scout.


Courtesy of the Athletics League

Police report details Chase Scanlan’s alleged history of violence and anger

Attack in Syracuse Chase Scanlan was arrested in May and charged with criminal mischief after being involved in what the Department of Public Safety called a domestic incident on April 18. Scanlan came to Syracuse in 2020 after receiving All-American honors as a freshman at Loyola.

The DO obtained police reports of Scanlan’s alleged involvement in the domestic incident, along with a police victim impact statement outlining the lacrosse player’s alleged history of abuse. Scanlan was charged with verbally assaulting the victim, who told her mother that Scanlan “got his hands on her” in 2020, according to the police report.

The alleged domestic incident resulted in Scanlan’s arrest on fourth degree criminal mischief – a Class A misdemeanor – for destroying the victim’s phone.

Scanlan was suspended from the Syracuse lacrosse team on April 20 before being reinstated on April 26. After the SU captains allegedly threatened to quit training if Scanlan showed up, the attack practiced on his own. He was suspended again after being arrested and was arrested again in September for DWI.


Photographic illustration by Anya Wijeweera | Senior photographer

The rise and fall of the northeastern Syracuse recruiting base

When Dick MacPherson and Paul Pasqualoni ran the Syracuse football program in the 1980s and 1990s, Orange focused its recruiting efforts within a 5 to 6 hour radius of the SU campus, creating a local pipeline that helped it. to become one of the best programs in the country. . But after the 2004 season, Pasqualoni was made redundant and Syracuse replaced him with Greg Robinson, a coach with little connection to the East Coast.

Over the next four years, Robinson went 10-37, overseeing the first two seasons of SU double-digit losses and a 23-year recruiting base. None of the three coaches who followed Robinson have enjoyed consistent success, and Syracuse hasn’t recruited any 5-star rookies since 2005.

“(Syracuse) was really good in our area at recruiting rookies, things of that nature, and then they changed,” said West Orange High School (New Jersey) head coach Darnell Grant. “And then we didn’t have a lot of interaction with them after that. There was just this very big difference.


Illustration of daily orange file

Chris Snow, his ALS diagnosis and the friends who needed each other

An aggressive mutation of Lou Gehrig’s disease found its way into Chris Snow’s body the same way it did Bob Snow, Matt Snow, Brad Snow, and David Snow – his father, cousin, and two paternal uncles. Chris, his wife Kelsie and their loved ones had known about this possibility for years. The reality was confirmed two June ago.

“When you say these three letters: ALS,” Kelsie said, “the way people look at you, they don’t hear anything after these three letters because no one has ever associated illness with hope”.

But maybe an unintended effect has come to their loved ones. Those who perhaps know Chris best from where he first made his name, where he went from a shy kid to a beloved sports journalist in SU and DO, have been reunited after diagnosis.


Elizabeth Billman | Senior photographer

Ahmad Masood leads the way for South Asian players

As a freshman in high school, Ahmad Masood walked on the grass for the first time. But standing between the white lines wasn’t the only thing different for Masood. When he glanced around the pitch, no one else looked like him.

“It didn’t really shock me, but it was something to get used to,” Masood said.

Asian players made up just 1.76% of Division I athletes during the 2020 season. In Syracuse, Masood – who is half Indian and half Pakistani – is the only player on the original Syracuse roster. South Asian. He entered the team as an offensive lineman before last year.

“People on the outside who don’t know the work I’m doing to get to where I am right now. They look at me based on my skin color, ”Masood said.


Elizabeth Billman | Senior photographer

Former League softball players allege abuse by head coach Shannon Doepking

When the Syracuse softball team took a spring break trip to Louisville in 2019, players claimed they played in wet jerseys after coaches refused to run the dryer. Several players went on to contract urinary tract and yeast infections and inherited rashes and skin infections. Head coach Shannon Doepking then ’embarrassed’ them for having had infections and seeking treatment for them, one player said, while others said Doepking didn’t care.

This was just one of multiple suspected cases of verbal abuse, hazing and abuse recalled by a current player and seven former softball players.

“In practice every day there were a handful of people crying,” said a former player. “She would yell at you and make you feel so bad until you cry.”

Doepking, however, denied the allegations and defended his “straightforward, honest and straightforward” style of coaching.

“I am by no means a saint. I’m a tough coach, and I’m a tough coach because winning is important, ”Doepking said. “I was brought here to do a job.”


Courtesy of the Athletics League

Buddy and Jimmy are reunited in SU. This time it’s different from high school.

The last time Buddy and Jimmy Boeheim played together was during the 2015-16 basketball season at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. This season, since Jimmy transferred to Syracuse as a graduate student, he’s reunited with his father, head coach Jim Boeheim, and younger brother, Buddy.

“Jimmy was the big brother,” said Jeff Ike, their coach at Jamesville-DeWitt in 2015-16. “If Buddy rolled a crucial 3 or blocked in defense… you could tell Jimmy was super proud.”

Their paths to SU were very different as they “were never meant to play together early on,” Boeheim said. But now they’re balancing the weight management of the Boeheim name while simultaneously building their own names.

“You hear people say, ‘Oh, that’s Boeheim’s kid,’ and you get a little target on the back, but I don’t think they really see a target on their backs,” their said. mother Juli Boeheim. “(Boeheim) is a great guy who happens to be an exceptional coach. And Buddy is a great boy who happens to be a good shot.


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