The second most popular jersey, really Rodrigo!

Get it while you can, because we found out on the latest episode of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detoit Lions that Oklahoma State’s Malcolm Rodriguez has the second best-selling jersey this summer and the pre- season of any member of the Detroit Lions. It’s true! These Honolulu blue jerseys with the silver 44 are flying off the shelves of the Lions gift shop.

“We’ve created a monster,” Lions head coach Dan Campbell said of the sale of the shirts.

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After the last preseason game with Jaylen Warren and Mason Rudolph.

No, Malcolm Rodriguez created a monster. All of us around Oklahoma State knew he had that in him. We knew what kind of player he was in high school, college and how that would translate to the NFL. Then the perfect storm was created when HBO decided to roll with the Lions for Hard Knocks. If you love football, you identify with Rodriguez because he shows in every action that he loves the game.

I watched my wife as we watched the last episode which focused on so many cuts being made to the team, but during Rodriguez’s big scene in that last episode, I watched him explain to the employees at the Rodriguez Vaquerita, a store western specialist in Detroit that he grew up on a farm with horses, chickens and you couldn’t wear tracksuits. He needed to celebrate getting on the team, even as a starter in a new cowboy hat, western shirt, wrangler jeans and new boots, it looked like he ended up with a black ostrich .

Detroit Lions

This is just the beginning.

A monster maybe, but Malcolm Rodriguez, the Detroit Lions, NFL Films and HBO with the Hard Knocks series have created a new NFL star. The great thing is that this star has no right. He takes nothing for granted. Malcolm Rodriguez will earn his stardom in the NFL every day and every game because that’s how he rolls.

Then tune in when the Lions open the season at home at Ford Field with the Philadelphia Eagles at noon (CT) on Sunday, September 11.

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