Tip about Indiana boys’ stolen bikes leads police to Taylor’s home, 50-year-old could face charges – Reuters

A 50-year-old Taylor man could face charges after he allegedly stole bikes belonging to two boys visiting the Downriver area from Indiana.

After some good publicity about the theft of the bikes, Detective Lt. Jeffrey Brust of Woodhaven said it was a tip that led them to the Taylor house.

He said the boys, Zachary, 14, and Nicholas Kraft, 12, who appear to be brothers, want to press charges against the resident.

According to a newly released police report into the incident, on March 29 at around 2:30 p.m. the boys parked their bikes behind Woodhaven Target, 23555 Allen Road, and when they returned less than an hour later the bikes had disappeared.

A bike, described as white with red grips and grips with “Big Flyer” written on it, is valued at around $720, according to the report.

The other bike is red with black pedals and grips and is emblazoned with “Pacific.” The estimated value of this bike is $150.

Target surveillance video shows an older model one-man light blue truck with a sunroof pull up near the bikes, get out of his vehicle, and go look at the bikes.

We see him return to his truck and leave, only to return a few minutes later.

This time he loaded the bikes onto the back of his truck and took off towards Allen Road.

This truck was caught on CCTV leaving the Woodhaven target with stolen bikes on the back. (Photo courtesy of Woodhaven Police Department)

The police immediately took to his social media account and asked for the community’s help in returning the bikes to the boys.

Help came from many places, and quickly.

A photo of the truck with the bikes driven out of the store was posted on the ministry’s website.

Before long, the post had over 320 shares.

Followers were eager to help, with many saying they would keep an eye out for the bikes and the vehicle.

Police took possession of the bikes and recently returned them to the boys with some added benefits.

The boys received new locks to protect them against theft again.

The department also gave each of the boys a $50 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods, courtesy of Woodhaven Police Charities.

“Today the Woodhaven Police Department is smiling, as are these two young men,” said a message from the department announcing that the bikes had been located and returned.

He went on to say that they were able to locate the bikes through the power of his followers.

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