Tipperary GAA will have a new jersey sponsor starting next year


The Tipperary GAA County Board of Directors has confirmed that it is committed to a process to set up a new sponsorship partner for the 2022 season and beyond.

The new sponsor will take over from Teneo at the end of his three-year term at the end of 2021.

Tipperary GAA President Joe Kennedy said, “We have started a process to find a partner who will leverage our outgoing sponsors Teneo to meet our ambition to grow and succeed in our games in the county.

“The Tipperary brand is among the strongest of the Gaelic games, as the results of recent years have shown. Over the past three years our howlers have won an All-Ireland senior hurling title and a U-20 title, while last year also showed Tipperary’s depth as a double county with our famous final success of Munster football.

“We also have a strong supply of minor talent, while off the pitch our players are excellent ambassadors for Tipperary and the GAA. Tipperary, therefore, continues to be an attractive proposition for sponsors. potentials, so we are really confident in the process.

Thanking the outgoing sponsor, he added: “Teneo was a great partner for Tipperary and we are extremely grateful for his support. We had three brilliant years, which ended in December, so it was a very pleasant and successful term.

“We are also grateful to Teneo who, through their Teneo sponsorship team, bring their expertise to help us find the best possible partner for the future. ”

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