Virgil Abloh Breakdown of the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022/2023 show

Virgil Abloh’s last outing for Louis Vuitton was his eighth show. This number took on a deeper meaning in light of his death last year. The number eight, on the other hand, is the symbol of infinity, which is defined as “a concept describing something infinite, greater than any number”.

Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Fall 2022 collection is a testament to his eternal spirit that will live on through his work. Named Louis Dreamhouse, the show seemed imaginary. Each guest sat on pillows, and the set included a large bed, an orchestra seated at a long dining table, and other odd structures. The dancers fell from a flight of stairs onto a hidden trampoline and bounced back to land exactly where they started. Others walked backwards and contorted their bodies as they slipped on the ground. Everything seemed light, easy and dreamlike. Unlimited.

Clothing built on house codes established by Abloh over the years, including beautifully designed varsity jackets, sharp cuts in interesting shapes, and activewear like parkas and bomber jackets filtered through the lens from Abloh. With this show, Abloh wanted us to reconsider what we see when a man wears a suit versus a hoodie. For Abloh it’s the same and categorizations are useless. The show served as a nice end note to Abloh’s time at Louis Vuitton, but also a symbol of the possibilities he created for the future.

Abloh is known for creating works that are full of varied references. Here’s a breakdown of some highlights from his latest show.

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